Most essential networking accessory

You can see it from across the room. When worn correctly, it makes you ten x more approachable. Its like a magnet that attracts great people to you. It comes in many different shapes, sizes and even colors. Regardless or your age, gender, bodytype or level of affluence, there is certain to be one that fits you perfectly. It complements every outfit and never clashes with your purse or brown shoes.

Have i mentioned that its free? How about the fact that you already have one?

Have you guessed what it is?

Your smile.

Your smile, your genuine smile will make people come to you. People are naturally attracted to those they perceive as happy. A smile is the first indicator of happiness. If you look like you are enjoying yourself, others will want to join in on the fun. Let them. You never know who your smile will attract.

And yes, you can even let your smile show online 😉

How do you use your as the attraction tool that it is?

3 Responses to “Most essential networking accessory”

  1. 1 SAM Wednesday, July 2 at 4:46 pm

    I was really hoping it was a bikini.

  2. 2 trybean Tuesday, July 8 at 3:05 am

    I read this 5 times before approving it. The fifth time I laughed the hardest so decided it was time to approve it even though I am not sure I approve of it. I just don’t think I would be as effective of a networker in a bikini 😉

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