Ideas on identifying the people you need to meet

We do not live in a business vacuum.  There are people out there with
whom your business has synergies regardless of your beliefs.
Your job
is to identify them and form a relationship so you can grow your
business.  My job is to show you how to do just that.

As you re-examine your years in business, i want you to focus on where
have your best leads come from?
Were they one time hits or did you
receive multiple deals from the same person or company?  If the
latter, what did you do to encourage them to keep giving to you?

  • What sort of position were they in?
  • How did your relationship develop?
  • How did you give back to them?
  • How often did you seek out people in similar positions or with similar relationships?

The keys are:
A. Understand where you have gotten referrals from in the past and
leverage those relationships
B.  Using the above knowledge, figure out who else can give you those
types of relationships and begin creating them.
C. Figure out who is selling to your ideal client and meet them

So many people who can help, so little time to find them and ask for it.  How do you go about doing so?

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