The ASK-Why it works universally- #5

Four posts later we are finally going to get into why ASKS work. You have likely read, “ask and ye shall receive”. There is a lot of truth to that Asking is always the predecessor to receiving. Ever wonder why?

There are many laws that govern the universe. The ones that pertain most to business networking are:

The law of attraction
The law of reciprocity
The law of generosity

If you’re familiar with “The secret”, you have learned a lot about the law of attraction. The concept in most simple terms is thoughts become things (if you haven’t already, sign up for mike dooley’s daily note from the universe at “The secret” teaches us that there are three steps to attracting:
Ask– determine what you want and hold it in your consciousness. Feel the feeling of already possessing what you seek.
Gratitude– being grateful for what you have is far more powerful than complaining about what you lack. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude allows you to have the right mindset to attract what you seek.
Receive-you need to be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually before you can receive what you seek.

  • The law of reciprocity- this is one big reason that people go to networking groups and give leads. The law of reciprocity basically says that as i do good by you, you will go out of your way to do good by me. Simply stated, if i give you a lead, you are likely going to go out of your way to give me one back.
  • The law of generosity- the law of generosity is a lot like the law of reciprocity. The difference is that instead of an individual looking to return the favor, the universe looks to return it. This is where the real results come from giving.

If you read my opening statements in the first post, you know that i encourage asking. Every ask results in an opportunity to give.  Surely you don’t have the ability to satisfy every need, but when you can, you should. Why? Because you will be enacting some very powerful laws on your behalf. Oh yeah and its really good to help others too ;-)

Heres to asking, giving and laws we can all live by.

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