Great Gandhi quote

Physical force is temporary, as the body is transitory. But spiritual power is permanent, as the spirit is everlasting. — Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. 1 Kimberly Kassner Thursday, September 4 at 10:01 pm

    I have Gandhi’s quote in my office and on a ‘fridge magnet. I emphatically agree!:)

    We can become so overwhelmed with ALL that needs to be done to help the world: have enough food, create healthier relationships, become good role models for our youth, powerful education . . . when the reality of our world appears to go down the toilet. Where do we begin?

    I think if you are a great listener, it begins with your listening well to people who need your ear. If you are a dynamic inspiring speaker it begins with each talk you give to a group. If you are funny, it begins with each person you make laugh. If you are a techno geek, it begins with each computer task you do to help and individual or business. We can get overwhelmed with all the “give give gives” out there to SO many needed and valuable causes. If we learn to master one thing and share it, that alone can change the world!

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