Why I choose THESE 6 degrees…

There are lots of things to which we are or should feel connected throughout our lives. I chose these six:


Because I believe they are all encompassing categories. By having an awareness of your level of connectedness to each, you will be able to enjoy greater satisfaction.

Here is why each of the six made the list:

Self- if you don’t know who you are, you wont be able live up to your full potential. Self knowledge originates from self connectedness. Take the time to get to know you. I am hopeful that many people will share their experience about how they connect with their own self.

Others- having meaningful connections to others is one of the core tenements of our existence. Life without the involvement of friends, family and all people in general lacks meaning. The discussions on connecting with others will be my most favorite. I am really looking forward to the conversations here.

Technology- While a solid argument can be presented that technology really helps us be connected to one another, technology can help us be connected to so much more. As this series grows I will talk about how we use and which technologies really help us.

Planet- Lakes, Oceans, Trees, Forests, Beaches Deserts and we haven’t even talked about animals yet. So many things on this lovely planet of ours that help us all feel grounded (nice pun, Terry). I am looking forward to learning where and with what on our big blue rock you feel most connected.

Universe- I think this section speaks for itself. If you are not connected to the universe, I have but one question, when will now be a good time to do so? This should be a most philosophical discussion and I can hardly wait to hear from you.

Joy- This is the reason we are here. I used this section to cover all of the things that bring us joy, like money, dancing, smiling faces and even Twitter. What brings you the most joy?

Sorry that it took this long to come out with part two. I promise the first note on “Connectedness to Self” will be here soon.

Be Connected-

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