The Power of Action in AttrACTION

With the exception of gratitude, I believe that action is the most
important piece in the creative process.

You first need to figure out what it is that you want to attract. Once
you haveyour vision, act as if you are already there. Use your senses to their
fullest to visualize, auditorize, olfacticize, tasteasize (somebody is making
up a lot of words) and FEEL that you already are in possession of what it is
you seek.
Be grateful that the Universe has provided for you just like it always
will. Hold that gratitude and let the rest of it go. You don’t need to
agonize on what you want. If you are, you are likely doing something wrong. If
something feels less than right, you need to examine it. The worse it feels, the
more questions you should ask. If you determine you are on the wrong path,
change directions.

The good news is that life is nothing more than a bunch of moments.
Each one gives you the opportunity to completely rebuild who you are. Don’t
carry your bad self into each one. Continually live each moment and make it the best
it can be. When you take this moment by moment philosophy you will be
empowered to not be so concerned about the bad. If negativity happens in one
moment, than you acknowledge and leave it there.

Truth be told, I had finished writing this entire piece through my e-mail
browser and my connection timed out forcing me to write it again. Hell
yes I was mad. Mostly at me because I don’t like making the same mistake
more than once (I have made that particular one no less than 7 times this year
alone). So that was a bad moment. In fact, it was probably 3 bad moments and will
likely irk me again 2 more times over the next 3 days. But the good
news is I got to make up some words and share a story in this version. It all
works out for the best (unless of course you neither like my story or my made up

So now you are aware that you have to act to attract. You act when you
set the vision, you act when giving thanks and you act in the moments. Your
continued action will lead you on a path full of signs. Your job is to be aware
of those signs and gauge how you feel when acting upon them. Let’s suppose your
intention was to find a new partner. Shortly after setting that
intention you find yourself speaking with someone new. That’s a sign. They could be that
partner. If that conversation feels good, continue. You are on the
right path. If it doesn’t, move on.

The same goes for setting a money intention. If you get a call from a
broker, listen to what they have to say. If you have 6 numbers pop into your head
repeatedly, it may be time to grab a lotto ticket (actual odds of winning the
lottery are ridiculous even by law of attraction standards). If your
intention is health related and you see a new gym open up in the neighborhood,
stop by for an introductory trial. Who knows, the fitness instructor may become
your spouse and the winning lottery ticket may have fallen out of someone’s pocket
while they were on the treadmill. Grab them both, sign up for a new
membership and you are the big winner!

What you need to realize is that you don’t have to worry about HOW it
will happen. That is not your concern. You focus on the what, the
gratefulness and the actions required. The Universe will handle the
rest. What a wonderful place to live, isn’t it?

We are all entitled to a life of absolute abundance. The cool thing is
we can all go after our bliss with abandon knowing that there is already more
than ALL of us require in the Universe. Once we ALL start acting in a manner
that is consistent with advancing ourselves as a species, we will soon become
a much more advanced species. Funny how that works, eh? We are truly meant to
support one another. I appreciate this aspect of life very much and I enjoy
meeting and interacting with others who feel the same.

Set yourself up for greatness by helping others get there. If you know
the way, share it. If you don’t, find it or at the very least be open to it
finding you. The path is large and is waiting for you to travel it. Trust me, you won’t be alone.

BYBY- (be your best you)

Terry Bean

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