Five questions to consider before jumping into sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

With so much conversation regarding social media, I thought it time to discuss it here.

Are you using it?

Are you using it effectively?

Am I making an assumption that you know what Social Media is?

Let me answer the last question first. Social Media is a term that is frequently bounced around these days that effectively means the same as: Web 2.0, Social Networking, Digital Marketing, or just the sites one uses like: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flickr, Myspace and Youtube.

Here’s what all of these sites have in common: They help you communicate with like-minded individuals. Very simply stated, Social Media is a conversation.

Back to the earlier questions about how you’re using it.

Conversations online are just like conversations in the real world, you need to be engaging the right people in the right discussions. Many people setup a facebook or linkedin account and think that’s all there is to it. That’s the equivalent of showing up to a party and not talking with anyone. Load up your contacts (add friends on facebook and connections on linkedin). Use the status update, not so much to answer “What are you working on?” but as a way to be intriguing or share knowledge. Post links of interest, comment on other people’s thoughts and ideas and most importantly, ask questions.

Here are a couple of other thoughts to consider:

Should you be spending time doing this?

Are you participating in the right conversations? Are you talking with customers, vendors, business partners or better yet, all three?

Are you on the right sites to find what you seek?

Are people responding to conversations you start?

If you could only use three sites, which ones would they be?

I shall look forward to your side of the conversation.

2 Responses to “Five questions to consider before jumping into sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter”

  1. 1 Eric Brown Friday, October 10 at 2:14 pm

    Terry, Great Post
    You bring up some interesting points, and our own adventure into Social Media has been an interesting and humbling learning experience. Over the last three years Urbane Apartments have ceased traditional marketing efforts in exchange for a myspace site, a facebook site, YouTube and flickr sites. We also use twitter regularly. To further integrate we started a Social Network site on, the Urbane Lobby

    Our Goal; To provide our residents with an experience and value with a high enough return to create enough Customer Evangelists within our core resident base that they self rent our apartments. We are working hard to lead our resident Influencers within our core resident base, and have transitioned most of our marketing budget inward, to further focus on our existing residents. Only good things have happened from this move. Resident retention has significantly improved, and we have created a forum and a field for the Influencers to participate. Along the path we hope to become Social Media experts based on our experience as to what works for multifamily and what doesn’t. We are learning as we go, but are seeing stellar results.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit for us by utilizing these tactics and strategies is that when a potential resident does a Google search for Royal Oak Apartments, Urbane Apartments pop up on page one, number four or five consistently, which then typically drives the prospect right to our web site, thus allowing us an opportunity to showcase our offering

  2. 2 trybean Monday, October 13 at 3:09 pm


    I love what you and Urbane have done. You have properly identified your ideal client and you market where they are…ONLINE. What a wonderfully brilliant approach.

    I am not sure what I like better about your communities, the space or how you go about filling it.

    Keep up the excellent work.


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