My response to “What Detroit’s doing right” as seen in Washington Post

I just read THIS ARTICLE after seeing the link posted by @scottmonty on Twitter. I was excited to see that someone outside of Detroit thought Detroit was doing something right (there is a snag there, let’s see if you catch it).

The article is about all of the high tech, high fuel economy and somewhat sustainable cars the Big 3 is churning out right now. One of my favorite lines in the piece:

· Ford and GM tied for the leadership position in the prestigious 2008 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study — with 11 models ranked in the top three of their respective segments.

All that talk about Detroit being out of touch with consumers can be put to bed. The big 3 invest 12 B in R&D annually and are putting out some pretty impressive numbers as it comes to fuel efficiency and the like.

Here’s the thing that gets me. Do you know what the # 1 and 2 selling cars in the U.S. are? The answers may surprise you. It makes me wonder how out of touch Detroit really is.

Please read the article AND say good things about Detroit!

Be Connected-

Terry Bean

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