5 things you need to know about Twitter

1. Don’t answer “what are you doing” on twitter. Think more along the lines of conversation starting, shining the light on others or sharing useful information.

2. Use the 150 characters for your bio effectively. Use a combination of keywords and a sentence about how you would like to be known.

3. Follow the leaders in your industry. And then follow their followers. Engage them in useful conversation and watch your follower list grow.

4. Add relevant tweets to your page before you start following a bunch of people. This is important because when they come to check you out, they will see what sort of value you have to offer.

5. Use twitter search or other tools to monitor conversations about you, your brand and other things that are important. This helps narrow the tweetstream to things that are relevant to you.

There are about 47 other things Charlie and I teach, what do you think should be on this list?

1 Response to “5 things you need to know about Twitter”

  1. 1 Jessan Dunn Otis Tuesday, June 16 at 11:15 am


    All _very_ good advice; and, thanks for it.

    As TwitWits(c) increase and Twitter apps are adding almost every day, there’s a growing wealth of ways to learn, share, promote and communicate — all good, I figure.



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