Are you helping your clients get business?

Business has changed. While I am big proponent of the idea that all business is relationship business, I know there are some caveats to that statement.

The biggest one is price. People will leave you to save money. The tighter the economy gets, the truer that statement becomes.

-Case study-
My insurance term is up and I started shopping rates. I went to the websites of Geico and Progressive and found out either company could save me $1000+ per year on my auto coverage. The good news for my current agent at AAA is that she has referred me business in the past. So before I jumped ship, I called her. Good thing I did. She was able to save me even more. Had we not that mutual referral society, I would have never made that call.

Instead of providing the minimum to our clients, you know, the product or service they pay us for, step it up a level. Add value to them. Of significant value right now would be new business. Be on the lookout for the people your clients need to meet. You do know who that is, right?

If not, it may be a great reason to get back in touch with your clients. Imagine your vendors calling you and asking how they could refer business to you. Go ahead. Make that call. Make someone’s day while keeping your clients a little longer.

Please share your story of helping your clients get business.

1 Response to “Are you helping your clients get business?”

  1. 1 Adam Davis Monday, October 5 at 7:03 pm


    Great post. I agree. Your AAA agent had to do something of value along the lines in order for you to even make that call. Everyday something should be done for customer/client acquisition and retention. It is something like 6x the cost to get a new customer as it is to keep an existing one.


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