We’re separate enough: Let’s focus on 6 degrees of connectedness

In the mid 90’s a very fun “parlor trick” came about called “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”. The idea was that every actor in Hollywood could be connected to Kevin within 6 people. Its fascinating how accurate this is and how it proves out the science of networks.

An equally popular use of the phrase is “6 degrees of separation”. Like the Kevin Bacon scenario, this idea suggests that everyone on the planet is connected via those 6 degrees.

My problem with that is the word “separation”. Aren’t we as humans separate enough? I mean, we go so far out of our way to celebrate our differences. Which is especially perculiar considering how similar we are both genetically and from an energy perspective. Newsflash, we are all part of the same.

In an attempt to change the energy around the 6 degrees, I use the word “connectedness” in lieu of “separation”. I understand that mathematically it is the inverse, but from a message perspective, it brings us closer as we should be.

I have also contemplated the 6 things to which we should be most connected. In no particular order they are:

The planet
Our bliss
The Universe

Want to know more about how being connected to these areas benefit us, check out my talk at TEDxdetroit on 10/21

Be Connected-


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