A link to my 5 posts on “The ASK”

You’ve asked for it, you get it. Here, in one place, is a link to all 5 of my prior posts on the topic of ASKing!

If you have been involved with MCC you already know how important the ASK is, but do you know Why we do it? Read this first installment to get an idea of  what The ASK is all about.

If you would like to know what the components of a rock solid ASK are, you should have clicked the link you just read over 😉

Funny thing about ASKing, so many of us don’t know for what to ASK. Is this YOU? If so, take a moment and read the For what to ASK edition.

You can’t have a why, how and what without having a good for Whom to ASK. If you want to see how big your network really is,  you should probably read that too 😉

If you’re wondering why I’m so sure these ASKs work, check out this last post in the installment about the ASK from a Universal Perspective. Be sure to look at my comment below the post to see a link to a great list of Universal Laws.

The power of the ASK in all of its glory.

I have one for you…If you know a business or a group that would like to have someone either train their team on speak to their group on these concepts, I would greatly appreciate the introduction.

Thanks for learning these. The more of us who are out there practicing these concepts, the better off we will all be.

Namaste- (which loosely translated means “the light that is the being you know as me salutes the light that is the being we know as you”)

Terry Bean


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