My notes from Les Brown’s awesome presentation today!

Congratulations to the YES! Network for putting on such an awesome event today.

Les Brown is an incredible speaker. He’s full of passion, wisdom and enough energy to light up Detroit for a week! His story is amazing and his delivery of it is even better.

I was live tweeting today’s event and it burned out my battery. I turned the wireless off so I could simply take some notes. These are directly from Les Brown…97% of these words are his…the rest were inspired by him. Please forgive typos and punctuation as I was doing this on my phone and would rather you have it now, then take time to correct it.

For starters, HERE is a link to my tweets (at least the ones that are still available. Twitter is still a little wonky with the older tweets).

This picks up at about 50 minutes into the presentation:

How many of you know that if you had your life to do over again you know you could do better.

You have to run just to stand still in this new world.
You can’t take prisoners and you have to eat the wounded.

OQP- you only hang out with Other Quality People.

You don’t get in life what you invest you get what you are

You need to kill who are now so that you can birth who you are to become!

Communicate your way to wealth.

For les’s tips email

Never let what you want to say get in the way of what your customer’s/audience needs to hear

Living your making will make your living.

Les played small because of things like his lack of college, being labeled retarded and not working at a major corporation.

The HOW is now important. Once you made the commitment the teachers will show up. You will see things you couldn’t see before.

Absolute faith.

The only reason he was spared from birth control was to give les what he wants.

More people die from a Dr,s prognosis then the disease itself.

We’re more infected by the “mind flu” than the “swine flu”.

Don’t worry about the general economy…focus on your personal economy. The other will take care of itself.

Coincidence is god’s way of staying anonymous

Commit yourself and be persistent.

Change the collective mindset

Expand the skill set. You can have a “yes I can attitude and a no I can’t aptitude”$

We need achievement driven communities.

Something is wrong when an event like LeBron James becomes a national conversation. More people vote for american idol then the president.

The world does not consist of the “have and have nots” it consists of the will and will nots.

We all come to life the same way, dumb naked and speechless.

Master what you love.

Love that finger in the ear bit.

I’m fired up
I’m ready to do more. no more playing it small. I’m ready to take it higher.

He just confirms and validates what is already inside of us.

If you die today what will you take with you? What book? What leadership? What ideas? Don’t wait too long to share your greatness.

All of us have an opportunity to be a voice of change.

Its not our intention to please or satisfy our customers, its our intention to amaze them.

Create an experience. You must over promise AND over deliver.

Recessions restore resourcefulness.

Its not enough to give people information. If information could change people everyone would be skinny, rich and happy.

Speak to the conversation in the minds of the customer…don’t assume you know what they want, ask them.

Its not what you leave for your children, its what you leave in your children.

Want shows up in your conversation, expectation shows up in your preparation. Its easy to want.

“Its me” you’ve got to take personal responsibility for yourself. You have to design the life you desire.

In life when you don’t have enough courage or insight to know when its time to move on, life will move on for you. -mary anne white

When you present in the sales process the 3 questions the customers are asking are

Who are you?- when you sell yourself your customer gets your products for free

What do you have?

Why should I care?

Focus on the outcome, don’t focus on the process.

Cancer is a thief, don’t let it become a murderer.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

6 Responses to “My notes from Les Brown’s awesome presentation today!”

  1. 1 Ted Peurach Thursday, July 22 at 8:44 pm


    Thanks for the notes from the Les Brown presentation. Next time Les is in the area I hope to be able to attend the event. This is perfect; “Its not our intention to please or satisfy our customers, its our intention to amaze them”.


    Ted Peurach

  2. 2 Paul Reagan Friday, November 5 at 12:28 pm

    Terry! Thanks for taking the time to send your notes so that I could read Les’s message. Greatly appreciate it.

  3. 3 Gervenette Pierce Thursday, December 16 at 12:39 am

    I am a choir member of Fellowship Bapist Church. I enjoyed your speech tonight at the pastor’s birthday celebration.Please show me the tools to become bills free.

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