What a great day for DETROIT 9/29/10 was

1000’s of people will be running around today absolutely ABLAZE with excitement from yesterday’s TEDx Detroit Conference at the DIA. 900 were live and in person. People watched the livestream video (many thanks to Powerstream for providing that) and followed on twitter (do a search on #tedx #detroit to see all the tweets).

The artists were amazing. The poetry was the type that makes the hair on the back of your neck rise. The speakers were thought provoking, inspirational and just flat out good. The DIA was remarkable as a backdrop. And the event had a near flawless production.

What a great day indeed. How about you take a moment and click on the above link so you can set it as a favorite? Soon the videos from the event will be shared there and you won’t want to miss quite a few of them. As a taste, take a look at THIS VIDEO entitled “Detroit, While I was away” from 2009 (it was so great D Blair got to come back and do it again this year).

Talk to someone who experienced TEDx Detroit yesterday. Set yourself on fire too 🙂

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