The Magnetic U. class list

Here is a brief outline of the courses for fall semester of Magnetic U.
Classes will meet online and in person weekly. You will also receive a daily message via video or written word that corresponds with the lessons of the week. If you can’t make a class one week…no worries. It will be recorded and shared on the site.

While there will be “assignments” know that only those who seek others approval will be concerned with if they are graded. Meaning you can do what feels right for you.

Here are the classes (please note order may change)

Six degrees of connectedness- The introduction


Communications- Better communications = Better results

Fundamentals of Listening
Persuasive communications
How public speaking can turn you into a credible expert
Interpersonal and small group
Asking questionsm
Relationship building and maintaining

Sales- THEE building block to business growth

Bonding and rapport

Running an effective sales call

Prospecting by phone
Handling objections
Asking for the sale

Metaphysics- Understanding the science of life

Universal Laws
Who are you
What is your reality? Are you sure?
Deeper down the rabbit hole
Class will be a movie you won’t want to miss

MarketingSpreading your message effectively

Defining marketing effectiveness
What qualifies as marketing these days
How to get AND keep attention
Understand the brand
Let your creativity shine

Social mediaToday’s tools of profitability

Creating the right profile
When to use which tool
How to effectively use each tool
Tools not named LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube
Search. It’s all about being found.

Personal brandingHow you’re known is more important than who you know

Communities you should create or join
Why being known is more important than knowing
How do you want to be known?
Consistent messaging
Relevant messaging

Networking- Getting others involved in your success

Need to know before
At an event
The ASK/elevator pitch
Why giver’s gain
The 5 w’s of it for you is homework

Mindset- Without a proper one success won’t come

What do you find inspiring?
Positive Mental Attitude
Right Thinking
Homework will be finding successories and/or creating a mantra

ProductivityIt’s a big world and you have a LOT to do
Time management
Corporate Culture
Smart Phone training
Web based tools you should use

Physical fitness- Business is a contact sport

Weight training
Stuff you can do at home
Should you join a gym?

Financial fitness- This is the whole goal, right?

Life insurance
Financial planning
How to get a raise
How much are you worth?

Leadership- Everyone can lead from where they are

Different types of leadership
Discovering your strengths
what makes a solid leader
when can you lead?

Giving back- Success comes to those who share

Leading an event
Finding a charity to support



2 Responses to “The Magnetic U. class list”

  1. 1 Dave Glenn Tuesday, August 30 at 2:23 pm

    Terry –

    Where will this be held?

  2. 2 trybean Saturday, September 3 at 11:19 pm

    Ideally it will be held in many of the participant’s office so we can learn more about each other. Thanks for asking.

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