How Herman Miller Office Furniture can help your Detroit employees be more productive

Productivity and getting more done with less people is paramount these days. Let’s face it, Detroit, and the rest of the country went through an economic Tsunami. While I am inclined to argue that it has fully passed, we can all agree that there are lingering effects.

Take employment for instance. Many companies have less people in 2013 than they did in 2008. It’s easy math. If your revenues go down to the lowest levels in your history, your ability to finance a large staff goes down too. As such, layoffs were rampant. Most businesses have a positive (or at least neutral) outlook for hiring in 2013, but that doesn’t mean that they will be staffed up to previous levels.

The main result of this is businesses need to get more work out of their existing staff.

Studies have shown time and time again that the less comfortable an employee is at their desk, the less time they will spend there. This has a compounding effect. When employees leave their desk, where do they end up going? Often times it’s to a place where other employees are. This brings up a bit of a problem. Now you not only have the “uncomfortable” employee not working, they have engaged other employees in this behavior.

If your employee spends an average of five minutes an hour away from their desk, that’s 40 minutes per eight hour shift. That’s over three hours per week. Multiply that times 50 weeks (you still give employees two weeks off, right?) and that’s 150 hours per year.  If the average employee works 2080 hours a year (pretty standard) your company is losing 13% of their available work time. That’s pretty significant.

Let’s look at it with real dollars tied to it. You pay this person $50,000 a year. That translates into $24 an hour (plus a little change). When you multiple that times 2080 (number of hours worked per year) the result is $3600. Are you comfortable paying your employees $3600 over the course of the year for work they’re not doing? What happens when you multiply that times the number of employees. A company with 15 people could be throwing an extra $54,000 out the window. That’s the salary of another whole employee.

Companies who provide their employees comfortable environments get better results. Their people stay at their desk longer and often times get more work done. For the cost of what you’re losing in productivity, you could purchase a new set of Herman Miller Embody chairs


for everyone and have enough to make additional updates to your office furniture. This simple action will limit the amount of time your employees spend away from their desk and therefore increase productivity.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can increase the productivity of your team, contact your Detroit area Herman Miller Dealer, Facility Matrix Group.

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