Digital New You- Tales and lessons of a tech start-up firm


That just seems like such good advice. The truth is, it’s ridiculously hard to keep calm while in a start-up. There are so many, soo sooo many things that will go differently than anticipated. That’s part of the majesty of the start-up. It’s also the reason that most fail. This blog series, #DNY for short, will look at many, many aspects of the start up.

Here’s the deal. I posted on Facebook on 8/5/13 that I wished to be held accountable to blogging daily. That’s important to me for a few reasons:

1. I have been saying I need to write more since 2008 (in my defense, I do write a LOT more than I did) and I really want to establish a routine.

2. I feel like I have some good wisdom to share with others (this would have been #1 but that seemed too douchey for me…claiming wisdom, not the helping LOL).

3. This will help find new prospects for my technology marketing business as I intend to actually grow an audience…finally. Amazing what I THINK consistency will bring. We shall see. I guess if there’s enough of #2, #3 may work out well.

4. As I will be telling stories about some clients, it will create back-links to Ray Laethem Motor Village, Facility Matrix Group, TV-Fitness and future clients and non-clients as well.  See how I did that? Like magic…SEO right before your very eyes.

So last night I put together a 45 topic outline just to get started. You can see most of them by clicking that link. I’m funny in how I do things. I wanted to make sure that you could see what you were in for, but I didn’t want to take the time to manually input each line item*. I guess that’s part of what you’re in for. One of the topics is “Is it better to be right or right NOW”? I think I know which way that piece will lean. 😉

I do intend to share what I’ve learned and things that will help any start up or people who are considering starting up a business here. I assume some of the readers will chime in and add their own experience.

I would love for this to be interactive and for you to share what challenges you have or what questions you have. I promise to be responsive and hope that we can engage in some meaningful discussions.

The big question will be what’s next? I guess I’ll let me fingers figure that out for me…unless you provide some direction. Or maybe I’ll just write about picking a name. That always seems like a good place for the skull f*cking (err I mean cognitive dissonance) to begin. LOL

* Rats, three paragraphs later I realized that I can’t create “links” to a photo. I guess there will be some manual input after all.

See you soon!

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