Digital New You #dny- It starts with an idea. pt 1 of (at least) 2



As you can see, ideas are really only half of the challenge for the new start-up (or any venture really). There will be plenty of blog time spent on execution. This piece will focus on the idea. After all, it is the beginning. There’s even less sense in executing without an idea then there is in having an idea that isn’t executed.


You’ve had an idea. Not just any idea, but a really, really good one. It begins.

Funny thing about ideas, you can’t tell it to too many people for fear they may run out and execute on it before you do.

You also can’t work on your idea in a vacuum for fear that your idea has already been implemented and you didn’t do enough “research” to figure it out. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let’s just talk about the idea…

  • Does the thought of bringing this idea to life make you absolutely giddy?

Here’s the deal, if this idea isn’t something that stokes the fire in your belly, there is little chance you will take it to fruition. Turning an idea into something that impacts others takes work. A LOT OF WORK. Believe me when I tell you there is no sense in working that hard on something that doesn’t totally turn you on.

  • Is this something that you truly believe will improve your corner of the Earth?

It doesn’t have to be just your corner. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be any corner. The question is…will others find value in it? The answer can be yes or no. Just realize that if the answer is “No” you don’t have a business, you just found yourself a new hobby.

  • Can you make a living doing this?

I think the last line above answers that for you. Not all ideas are going to turn into businesses. That’s okay. You’ll have more. And each wrong one you have brings you closer to that right one.

  • What makes this idea better than others you’ve had in the past?

Maybe this is your first. Let’s assume that’s not the case. Why is this the ONE you’re going to run with? Perhaps it scores really high on the questions above? Is there something more? Is it an improvement on a previous idea you’ve fancied? Is it the result of a conversation where you found a real need in society? Whatever the case your idea needs to absolutely stand out to you before anyone will buy in.

  • Which scares you more: The thought of executing on the idea or the thought of not doing so?

Two of the best pieces of advice that I offer to those seekers I meet is: Feel the fear and do it anyway and don’t worry about the how’s. Fear’s primary job is to hold you back, no doubt. If your belief in what you’re doing is strong enough, fear can’t stop you. As far as the How’s go, you really don’t have to know how it’s going to happen. I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs are but I can assure you that The Great Spirit, G-d, Your larger self, The Universe, or whatever will make sure that the path illuminates for you as needed. You just have to trust that to be the case. 

Of course this list of questions isn’t exhaustive. They’re just the beginning but they do get to the heart of the matter.

If you answered those questions and feel really good about your idea find someone to share it with. The truth is many of the people who you share your thoughts with have neither the passion, the resources nor the vision you will for it. Therefore your concern about them executing it should be mitigated. That doesn’t mean you should post it willy nilly on social media. Be smart. 

If you want to talk about it with someone, I’m a big fan of ideas and helping people get them moving in the right direction.

The next post (on ideas) will focus on all of the other ideas you are going to have that may keep you from this one. It’s so much fun!!






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