Digital New You- There’s already too much to do later aka I put the pro in procrastinate


I’ll be honest, I knew I was going to write this piece on procrastination and had to find a picture for it. When I found the photo it opened up to a blog instead of allowing me to right click so I went to the site. It was on a blog entitled “5 ways to kill procrastination”. Of course I read it. (For some reason I can’t embed the link so here it is: The irony of putting off my own blog to read theirs didn’t escape me.

But figuring out how to not procrastinate wasn’t the central theme of this post. It was more of a bonus. What I want you to know is that you’re going to procrastinate. A lot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the programmer whose most time-consuming task of the day is actually opening Visual Studio, the writer who continually stares at a blank page waiting for the good idea or the sales person constantly shuffling their business cards instead of making the calls. We all do it! The key is what you learn from it.


So I just spent the last 10 hours NOT writing this blog. Another fine example.

What’s interesting to me about procrastination is how useful it can be at times. It allows you to look at issues from other sides. Therefore it can help you solve a problem in a different way.

While I do believe the strategies on “killing” procrastination will be effective for most of you, I don’t think you should rule out ALL procrastination. In fact, I think figuring out ways to embrace it are important.

The one thing I do to lessen the procrastination is trying to actually be accountable for doing less. Especially doing the things I really like doing. Let’s face it, the more you’re into the task, the easier it can be to get started. And like they say; “Well begun is half done”.

What do you procrastinate most about?

How do you break the cycle?

What’s your best tip to avoid procrastination?

Do you have a business idea inside of you that you’d like to get out? Call me, we may be able to work together on moving it forward.

Let me guess, you’re going to put off commenting on this piece 😉

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