Curiosity Kills Cats. Entrepreneurs are not cats. #dny


We’ve all heard that curiosity is bad for cats. Let me be clear this post isn’t anti-cat, doesn’t intend to suggest blasting cats with lasers and really isn’t about cats at all. It’s about curiosity. More importantly, it’s about why curiosity is a hallmark trait in successful entrepreneurs.

Curious is defined as eager to learn or know something. It’s second definition is also apt: strange and unusual. Entrepreneurs are normally both. But it’s the eager to learn or know something that makes me write this post.

You see, successful entrepreneurs look at what is and think of ways to make it better OR they look at what’s missing and conceive ways to make it. Without an eagerness to learn or know, you can’t succeed in either endeavor.

Most people, non-entrepreneurs (let’s call them normals), look at what is and think about it in either a “that’s good” or a “that sucks” kind of way. When they look at what’s missing, they think “it’s too bad we don’t have one of those”. Entrepreneurs are different. They begin to ask questions of a curious nature:

  • Why is this like this?
  • What can be done to improve or How can I improve it?
  • Why doesn’t this exist?
  • What would need to happen to bring this to reality?

In short, they don’t accept what the world tells them without digging in a little and asking questions. After a thorough examination of these questions, they set forth to find answers to uncover whether or not there is a large enough need. If there is, they make something. If not, they tend to find something to occupy their curiosity all over again. And it doesn’t seem to take long to find that next thing.

This process can happen on multiple ideas simultaneously. The more curious an entrepreneur is, the more ideas they have. Sometimes, they have more then they can work on. It can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very distracting.

Do you consider yourself a particularly curious person?

Do you ever get bogged down in the “too many things to uncover” trap?

Are you asking “why is this this way’ or “why doesn’t this exist” right now?

Do you need help bringing your idea to fruition?

I’m here to help!

Stay curious friends.

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