When the work gets in the way of the other work…#DNY



It’s pretty impressive how much has happened in the past 6 weeks (almost the exact time since I’ve written the last update here). The last post I shared was a request to hire two people to join our start-up. Well we got them…and a bonus one. And then another one on top of that. Interestingly, the hiring the four people was one of the easier things we’ve accomplished.

But let me back up a little father.

My goal was (and still is) to write a series called “Digital New You” that discussed the transformation of a business person into that of a technology start-up founder. I kind of imagined it like Neil Patrick Harris doing his Doogie Howser thing. And while I think it began pretty well, I certainly fell off the wagon. To be honest, the work that needed to get done took precedence. 

When you’re running your thing, if you don’t do the work…it doesn’t get done. Ever!

And while this blog seems like a good idea, the other things that needed done:

  • Hiring the four people
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Writing scripts and creating story boards for marketing videos
  • Developing a PR and marketing strategy
  • Lots and lots of ideation
  • A whole heck of a lot more

Just seemed so much more important. In full disclosure, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix has some level of importance too because I’m about 1/2 way through season 4 and I haven’t been watching for a month yet.

My intent is to finish the original outline for the Digital New You series, write about each of the above operations and continue to push this forward. 

It looks like I’m taking the post about persistence in this very series to heart. Sometimes you fall off the horse. The key is to get right back on…even if that’s six weeks later. 

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