Promoting what you’re about to be promoting…Do it early. Do it often. Get others to do it too. #DNY










































































The coolest software, product or business doesn’t mean squat if you don’t let others know about it. We live in a hyper-connected world so in some sense, “getting the word out” has never been easier. Conversely, having “the word” cut through the noise has never been more challenging. 


If you really want to do great things in this life, you’d better enroll a bunch of others to help. The more assistance you can get, the greater the reach your message will experience.

The challenges are several:

1. It’s awkward for most people to ask for help. It’s like it’s a sign of weakness. Truth is, allowing others to help is a sign of strength. It’s also proof that you are determined enough to reach your goal.

2. Most people instinctively understand the law of reciprocity and realize that if they don’t do enough for others, others aren’t likely to do much for them. You’ve got to put deposits in that karma account before you start taking withdraws. 

3. People are busy AND respectful of the fact that people are busy. We don’t really want to burden others with our problems.

4. We fear opening ourselves up to other’s critiques.

5. And every other fear, excuse or rationality you can think of stops us from doing what needs to be done.


None of that matters. It can’t. In order for you to be successful, you have to get past it. There is a lot of work to be done and as my friend John George of Blightbusters always says “Many hands make for light work”. 

We intend to “soft launch” our solution in about a month. In an effort to start letting people know about it, I posted a picture of my business card on Facebook and a fairly simple request that read: “So in a month or so we will officially soft launch the site and do the big reveal. Will you be so kind as to check it out then and if you like it maybe give a share? That would be awesome. Can you give this a like if you will? Thanks!!!”

I wrote it fast as I was more interested in getting it out there then getting it perfect. Plus my daughter was bugging me to take her to school (seriously, some 10 year olds should be allowed to drive). The results were okay. I now have a list of 25 people (it’s actually now at 28 because I commented on it when I started writing this post) who will hopefully “spread” the word when the time is right. 

This is great because of two reasons:

1. They will amplify my message.

2. As my friend Michael Angelo Caruso says: “If I stand here and tell you something, it’s a sales pitch. But if YOUR friend says it, it’s the truth”. 

I’ll be sure to let you know of some of the other things we do to roll this out, but right now I’m interested in what you do to roll out your magic. Please share in the comments below 😉 

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