Looking to hire Detroit Hackers, Painters and Makers #jobs #dny



Before getting too deeply into this, let me promise you a couple of things: 1) I will define what I mean by Hacker, Painter and Maker (skip to 4 paragraphs down if you can’t wait) and 2. No, there isn’t a specific role in mind, we fully believe in hiring the right people so they can add value where needed.

I was at BrandCamp University in October and listening to Henry Balanon speak about lessons he’s learned from his start-ups. The one that really stuck out was his theory on the first 10 hires. They are the most critical hires there are. It seems obvious, and is a solid reminder. When you’re building a company from scratch, just because you think you know which direction you’re sailing, the winds change quickly.

My partner (he’s a hacker) and I were discussing “Who” we are looking for today and the only thing we fully agreed on is that we don’t really know. I think it’s important that these people like cars, people and technology. He says it doesn’t matter as long as they are problem solvers.

We asked the four people who work with us why they work here and we heard some good stuff: “Love the environment”. “It’s a cool place to work with a great team”. “I get to wear what I want” (that was from the Ph. D. candidate programmer ha ha). “I’m learning a ton and working on really interesting projects”. Personally, I think we are working on the coolest project in the Motor City and I say that fully aware of many of the coolest projects in the Motor City.

So what about these crazy terms in the title? Well, they all boil down to a couple of things: 1. Each one of these people are very passionate about whatever they’re passionate about. 2. They get stuff done. Simply stated, WE NEED PASSIONATE DOERS. Here are some definitions:

HACKER- A hacker is a problem solver plain and simple. Sure you may associate them with computer programmer (please don’t assume that hackers are cracking into government systems, cuz that’s a media thing) but you can hack things without writing code. A hacker looks at a problem, creates unique ways to solve it and stays with the problem until it’s done. Special note: Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the original Hackers. Turns out he was a hell of a painter and maker too.

Painter- A painter is an artist, but that doesn’t mean they have to paint with a brush. Maybe they paint with a mouse. Maybe they paint with a pencil. Hell, maybe they don’t paint at all. They’re the creative geniuses that can tell stories using whatever medium they have.

Maker- A maker puts things together. They’re the builders. They see disparate parts and assemble them accordingly.

In most instances, what exists now exists as a result of some combination of Hackers, Painters and Makers.

So like the quotation from Da Vinci suggests, we will worry about the people (environment) before we worry about what role they will fill (reason).

IF, you’re a hacker, painter or maker, sorry for attempting to define you. You already know who you are. These definitions are for people who know you and are here in an effort to get them to call this post to your attention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

7 Responses to “Looking to hire Detroit Hackers, Painters and Makers #jobs #dny”

  1. 1 Paul Raab Wednesday, November 27 at 3:22 pm

    I’m a combination hacker / painter. I’m a problem solver, Artist, Musician, Carpenter, Photographer / Videographer type of creative. I look for a different path to work with.

  2. 2 Michael Brouwer Wednesday, November 27 at 3:44 pm

    I can give you a bunch of rhetoric how I am a Photographer, Videographer, Digital Media and Social Media artist/developer, and a former Executive Chef with over 33 years of solving challenges that occurred constantly and consistently …what I want you to know is that I am passionate about Detroit, the people and what great times lie ahead for the city!

  3. 3 @SylviaHubbard1 Thursday, November 28 at 9:21 am

    I know I’m a doer and helper Terry and I’d love to help

  4. 4 @SylviaHubbard1 Thursday, November 28 at 9:22 am

    Reblogged this on Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network and commented:
    Awesome post… Can you help?

  5. 5 trybean Monday, December 2 at 2:11 pm

    Easiest way to reach me to continue the conversation is to call me at 248.224.1326

  6. 6 Lauren Nelson Tuesday, December 3 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Mr.Bean. I actually am interested in helping because I love new and innovative projects. These types of companies in the world keep things fresh and creative. According to your categories above, I would say that I am a mixture of all 3. Writing and communicating are my strongest qualities professionally, but I like to build as well.

    Overall,I want to help with something that will better the world in a way.How would I be able to assist?

  7. 7 Denise Schwartz Rothstein Monday, December 9 at 8:38 pm

    I’m a true hacker and a painter with words and I love Detroit and I’m also a maker. My strongest suit is a hacker. I can solve problems with ease. I love learning new things and have been on the cutting edge of technology since the 1st PC. We had a computer company in California and created the first POS system for Domino’s. I don’t stop until what needs to be accomplished is done. I worked for the largest independently owned DSL company in California. Remember Flashcom with the flying turtle? I was one of their first 50 employee’s and left when the reorganization thru bankruptcy didn’t work. I was a licensed commodity hedger, trader, day trader and wrote newsletters. I have worked in the garment industry where I started as a bookkeeper and ended up as General Manager. I was the Business Manager for 5 weekly newspapers in California. I learn very quickly and love to learn new things. I’d like to hear more about your adventure. I came back to Detroit after almost 30 years in Seal Beach, CA. I cannot watch this city die. I have too many wonderful memories as a child and a young adult. I know I can help. Let’s talk. I’m on Linkedin and facebook
    Denise Schwartz Rothstein on facebook

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