Invitation I just sent to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to speak at 3/13 Event in Detroit

Figure if you’re going to ask for something big, you have to go BIG and ask. While I’m at it, I thought it may be best if I can encourage some of you to ask too. Quietly. Privately. Out loud. On line. Whatever works. This request will need all the support the Universe can muster. Thank you. Here is the letter I just sent.

Greetings and warm salutations-

On March 13 of this year we will host a transformational event in Detroit. We are inviting Detroit area professionals who have done well by doing good in our area. The idea is for them to share what they love about Detroit and what they do to show it. One of the speakers will share about her non-profit, Project Forgive. Another will discuss how art can change a community. Another will share about bringing people together to remove the blight from our city. A former Navy Seal and master facilitator for Tony Robbins will share about the power of our thoughts.
All of this will be done to raise the consciousness of our area. To get people to focus on where we are now and where we are heading. In order to do so we need to acknowledge our shared past and then put it in a box and tuck it away.
To say His Holiness’s presence would be an honor is a tremendous understatement. His wisdom on living in the present, altruism and compassion are sorely needed for our area to come together. It is with this belief that I hope you will give serious consideration to my invitation:
Would it be possible for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to join us for this event on March 13, 2014? I understand his ability to travel and appear in public is diminished. I pray for his peace and well-being. Perhaps he can join us virtually and speak to our audience of about 300 for even 5 or 10 minutes. It will be a VERY powerful day for our area and his presence, even if it’s remote, will increase the flow of positive energy. Our area can use all of the positive energy we can create and receive.
I thank you for your time and consideration.

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