19 Tips for Building a Great LinkedIn Profile

This post is one part of my 60+ Tips On Using LinkedIn. If you’re interested in learning more, click that link.

LinkedIn Logo

When I do a two hour presentation, I spend one hour on the profile. Why? Because this is how people find you.LinkedIn has two important functions: To find the professionals you need to find and to be found by those who need to find you.

This is your appearance to the outside world. LinkedIn is a buttoned up business kind of place. Even if you spend the majority of your day in sweatpants and bunny slippers, you certainly don’t want to give that impression here.

1. Add a photo- YOUR picture, not your logo will humanize you. Job seekers don’t have to worry about being discriminated about due to age. Most HR professionals search profiles with the photos “turned off”.

2. Create a catchy headline- Use one that helps you stand out from the crowd.Combine who you are with what you do.

3. Choose your category- LinkedIn provides lots of professional categories from which to choose. Pick the one that best describes you.

4. Edit your websites to reflect what they are- When entering your 3 websites you have the option to edit them to say more than just “my company”, “blog”, etc. Click “other” and write exactly what you want.

5. Customize your public profile link- LinkedIn will assign you a “public profile” address. It will have your name and a bunch of random characters. Take a moment and change it to better reflect you. If you have a common name, you may have to get creative.

6. Put this link in your email signature and invite people to connect with you- This is a great way to add connections to your network.

7. Attach your twitter account- LinkedIn makes it easy to share your status updates on Twitter when you attach the two accounts.

8. Write a meaningful summary– The summary isn’t about your current job. It’s about you. Let your personality shine.

9. List all of your positions- LinkedIn does a great job of suggesting contacts from your past for you. This also gives you additional opportunities to help others by connecting people who need assistance.

10 Tell us what you accomplished while there- No sense in leaving this blank. Give us the highlights!

11. Use the projects feature to give greater detail- This feature allows you get very specific on your accomplishments.

12. Ask to be recommended- LinkedIn makes it easy to ask individuals in your network to recommend you.

13. Write recommendations for others- Make someone’s day and get a little value for you too. A well written recommendation can speak volumes about the author of it.

14. Add skills- These are highly searchable and lightly customizable. Make sure you pick those that represent you well.

15. These skills are what LinkedIn uses as the basis for its endorsement engine. What you put here will allow others to give you a +1 for your skill set.

16. Endorse others. It makes them feel good AND you can have your smiling face on their profile. But don’t forget to write recommendations for those you really think are awesome.

17. Share your interests- Also searchable and a great way to connect with others of like-mind.

18. Focus on business but remember it can be personal too- We like people we perceive are like us. Show us who you are to help us establish common ground more quickly.

19. Post your educational experience- Another way LinkedIn helps you connect with your past. And it’s important for some to know you’re edumucated.

How many of these have you done?

What tips would you add?

What tips would you add?

19. Post your educational experience- Another way LinkedIn helps you connect with your past.know you’re edumucated.

How many of these have you done?What tips would you add?

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