Excellent Physical Therapy #Jobs near Detroit

Job Description:                  Physical Therapist

Reports to:                           Clinic Director

Direct Reports:                     None

Experience required:           2+ years in a clinical setting

Openings as of 12/11/15:   2  (1 each in Brownstown & Southgate)

Key Responsibilities

  • The first priority is providing excellent health care for our patients. That means that the patients should achieve good outcomes and be happy with their experience of physical therapy.  The therapist’s key tasks are:
    • Evaluating new patients, developing plans of care and setting measurable, functional goals;
    • Treating patients, answering their concerns and educating them on their injury, progress and probable outcomes;
    • Supervising aides when they are providing modalities for non-Medicare, non-BCBSM patients, and also in their general set up and clean up duties;
    • Re-evaluating patient progress, revising plans of care and resetting goals;
    • Determining when to discharge patients;
  • Writing timely and accurate documentation including; evaluations, re-evaluations discharges and daily progress notes. Key points include:
    • Ability to work with electronic medical records systems;
    • Understanding of Medicare, BCBSM and other insurance billing regulations so that we bill correctly for the treatment actually provided;
    • Completing documentation within company standard timelines ie within 72 hours of treatment.
  • Achieving a reasonable level of productivity. This depends on the number of referrals and the type of patient presenting.  However, with our normal outpatient orthopedic population, we expect 55 to 60 treatments plus evaluations a week from a full time PT.
  • Helping to develop protocols for the most common diagnoses we see.
  • Participating in the research studies supported by the clinic.
  • PTs are also responsible for continuing to develop their own skills by attending company continuing education events and using the continuing education allowance to attend approved courses.

If this position is of interest, Call or Email Terry Bean at 248.224.1326 to learn more or apply. Oh, and you may want to read on…

Pay and Benefits

  • Therapists’ pay has four elements:
    • Base pay ranges from $62k/year for a new grad to $83k/year for a therapist with 12 or more years experience.
    • Therapists share 5% of the profit of their clinic every month. That pays the average therapist $2k/year.
    • Clinics have a team performance bonus based on visits per admission, visits per week, units per visit and co-pay collection. The average member of staff earns $2.5k/year from this.
    • We pay a profitability bonus twice a year in June and December. PTs make between $3k and $10k a year from this depending on clinic profitability.
  • We offer 9 public holidays plus 19 days PTO per year. There are also 40 hours a year of PTO which can only be used for time at continuing education courses.
  • Our normal benefits package for a full time employee includes:
    • Health insurance (Blue Cross Community Blue plan 2, 3, or 4. The company pays 75% of the premium for plan 2, 80% for plan 3 and 85% for plan 4)
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • FSA
    • Short and long term disability (with a small amount of life insurance)
    • 401k with match
  • Company pays for a minimum of $1.5k a year of continuing education. This money is for courses chosen by the PT.  We also bring 12 to 20 weekend courses a year into our training center.  PTs may attend as many of these courses as they can sign up for, without using the $1.5k continuing Ed allowance.

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