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68 – How Fitness can Improve Business Productivity with Wendie Pett

We had an awesome interview with Wendie Pett the other day. We talk about how having a fit body helps you have a fitter mind, spirit AND business. Some excellent tips were shared and you can immediately implement them. Give it a look or a listen.

Improve business productivity with fitness

Source: 68 – How Fitness can Improve Business Productivity with Wendie Pett

Our review of #Blab

Are birds that social?

The Blab Bird

My lovely co-host of Business Growth Time, Janet E. Johnson and I do a quick 10 minute review of Blab. We hopped on the platform early last week and had a blast. We talk about some of the features, fun and functionality.

All in all, it’s a very cool platform that when used properly can aid your business. Like all social tools, you can get sucked down a rabbit hole instantly. Be careful blabbing 😉

You can check our show on Business Growth Time our review of Blab. If you like it, be sure to check out our Business Growth Time Facebook Group and our Facebook Business Blabbers group.

Watch “#WorkFromHomeDads Move on Opportunities” on YouTube

#WorkFromHomeDads Perfection vs. Immediacy?!

This video stems from the idea that I’d rather get something delivered at 93% right now and implement feedback immediately than spend another 6 + hours trying to move the needle another 3-5% on my own.

Your “perfect” isn’t exactly the same an anyone else’s.

The #workfromhomedads intro video

This is the first video in the #workfromhomedads series. It talks about the genesis of the idea and some of the things we will focus on with the content. It also mentions my plan for sharing this at TEDx Detroit. Follow along…we’ve made about 8 videos so far and plan to make them pretty much every day for the next 60.

Endorsement and Explanation of Vision Specialists of Michigan.

I had the unique pleasure of going through the “experience” at Vision Specialists of Michigan as a result of my friend Jeff Zupancic.

Dr. Debbie and her staff all seemed to love what they do. It was pretty obvious that it was based on the outstanding results they get for their patients. They actually change lives.

If you know someone suffering from dizziness, nausea, double vision, issues with balance and even migraines, you’ll find an interesting intake quiz right here. The higher you score, the more they can help you and the problem you didn’t know you had…an in-balance inside of your eyes. They’ll explain that better with actual proof.

Would love to hear your feedback if you take the quiz.

Thoughts on being interviewed for #313DLove on the News last Friday

We have been working on getting promotion for the #313DLove event on Friday March 13 for a while. It was interesting, last year, our first as an event, was pretty easy. This year is different. We keep hearing the same thing: “We did a story on this last year”. Helloooo. I did an event last year too. Turns out this one is a lot different when you think about the people, the march, the afterglow. Heck the only thing that is the same is the date…3/13 will never change for this and location (Thank YOU Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History)

Last I checked the super bowl, election years, Christmas and darn near anything else that happens annually are both covered AND different.

Fortunately for our movement, I ran into Al Johnson at Fox 2 at a Troy Chamber PR event this past November. While there, I was smart enough to grab his card. When it came time to “pitch” the media, he was one of the people I messaged. He was also very quick to reply. He booked me 34 days out from when I reached him and 7 days from the event. Seems like good timing to me.

So last Friday, March 6 was the day. He was kind enough to book me for the 6:45 a.m. slot. While I’m no early bird, I do mean kind enough…he could have let me just sit on the couch.

Because our daughter is now in middle school, getting up at 6:30ish has become the norm. A year ago, I would have said “I’m not even up at that time”. Don’t get me wrong, I would have still gone and done the interview. You gotta suck it up every now and again.

They asked me to get there at 6:15 and it’s about 40 minutes from the house. I was pretty close. I got there at 6:22 and let the man know I was running 7 minutes behind. I had a nice hello and exchanged some small talk in the “green room” and was told they would be back to get me in about 12 minutes. And just like clock work, there he was. I don’t sit still well so I did ramble through the building a bit. One of my prized finds was a cool FOX Simpson’s poster. Of course.

We walked to one of the editing bays and there was a CRAZY amount of equipment. It looked like Specs Howard School had thrown up. It was sweet and confusing. The dude who put the lavaliere mic on me said he gets there every morning at 3:30 a.m. YIKES. Bonus, he is back home by noon.

It was interesting, as he was miccing (not sure how to spell that) me up, I finally felt nervous. Like my tummy had butterflies in it. It was kind of a trip. Hadn’t felt that way in a minute. It was cool to have that rush.

I walked over to the studio and was shown where to sit. I waited for about 60 seconds and Jay Towers came right up holding a piece of paper that he was reading over. He sat down and excused himself to finish a text. This dude is on both the TV and the radio simultaneously weekday mornings in Detroit. It’s pretty impressive. We spoke about our mutual friend Blaine Fowler for about 30 seconds and it was go time.

Terry Bean discussing #313DLove on Fox 2

I won’t spoil the actual interview for you and you can see it right there. It was fun. Fast. And I think I hit on the important points. I had a couple of soundbites I would have wanted to share, but just didn’t get to them. That’s ok.

A couple of takeaways:

1. If you have something you you think the media/public will enjoy, make sure you share it. It can be hard to get their attention, but try anyway. If you’re looking for great ideas how to be your own PR pro, follow Shawne TV 

2. It’s odd looking toward the host when you want to be staring at the camera.

Interviewed about #313DLove by Jay Tower 6:46 a.m. 3/6/15

Interviewed about #313DLove by Jay Tower 6:46 a.m. 3/6/15

3. The camera may not add 10 pounds, but it sure does delete a lot of hair.

4, Being on the news lends itself to other news opportunities. I’m heading to WJR in the morning. Stay tuned.