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The foreword @chrisbrogan wrote for my new book on Networking

Chris Brogan totally puts the AWE in awesome. His blog and newsletter are so full of information that it makes you wonder how he can “give” so much away. He is a two time New York Times Best Selling Author, (Trust Agents which he co-authored with Julien Smith and Social Media 101) co-founder of a cool community that shares new marketing techniques called Third Tribe Marketing and an amazing speaker. I am so grateful that Chris took time out of his really busy schedule to read my work and shared some of his wisdom in it.

Here is the Foreword he wrote exactly as it appears in The Universal Guide to Business Networking (this is a link to the book on Amazon)

Foreword: The network is everything.

Terry Bean knows networking. We met a few years ago, and within moments, I felt that I knew Terry, knew what mattered to him, believed from the bottom of my heart that he loved people, and was well on my way to connecting to people he thought mattered. And now, we have it all in a book.

The first point I picked out of his thoughtful book was about one’s AQ, your Awareness Quotient. This nugget is exactly the phrase I have needed for a while to explain how some folks can be so clueless.

Go a little further and you see that Terry and I agree that all business is relationship business. He’s proven this to me in person, online, and everywhere that Terry’s spent his incredible value.

Terry’s first rule of networking is maybe why you have this book in your hand: SHOW UP. If you’re thinking about networking, then you’ve done the first right move by putting this information in front of your eyes. You know, Terry’s made quite a career from building via networking. And now that you’ve shown up, he can help you.

What Julien Smith and I discovered through writing Trust Agents was that the network was the most underrated part of most people’s business assets. Undervalued, too. What Terry’s done here is really brought out the best of what to do with regards to building that most vital piece of your business assets.

One last point: Terry’s spent years developing this material. It’s worth more than a glance as you rush through your litany of what you need to do to improve. This book, when PRACTICED and really considered, will change how business happens for you.

Are you ready? Can you feel it? I’m there already and I’ve got shivers. From online to off, Terry’s got us covered. Let’s use it, shall we?

–Chris Brogan, author of Social Media 101.

I’m proud of the content you will find in this book and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Thank you again Chris Brogan and thank you to all who have picked this book up and will do so in the future.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

I want my social media to go AKA Get a Smart Phone, Dummy

Social media is so hot because it allows us to stay connected to the world around us. This world involves not only our current business network, but family and friends as well as people we have yet to meet. From a business and job seeking perspective, these connections are priceless.

What’s even cooler is how many of the sites are so compatible with mobile technology. You are 100% missing out if you don’t have a smart phone. Get one. Get one now! I hear people say “I don’t want to be tethered to my phone” or “no one needs to be that connected”. That’s old world thinking. Dinosaurs are old world and you know how well things worked out for them.

What makes social media on the go so valuable is that we have moved fully into the now generation. They called gen X the instant gratification generation. As a senior delegate of that group I can tell you things moved slowly for us relative to what happens now.

Smart phones allow you to do status updates as they come to you. You can read and comment on others as well. Savvy users can actually check out real time conversations that are taking place about them, their brand, their competition or anything else that matters. This instant information wherever you are, whenever you are there is valuable. Couple that with the fact that you don’t have to log around your laptop and it becomes priceless.

You don’t have to get on the smart phone train because I said so. Don’t worry about the fact that in 2009 phone manufacturers produced more phones with a qwerty style keyboard than the traditional phone style.

If you want to see where business is heading, one only needs to look where the kids of today are. They are online on social media sites with their smart phones. Why, because it pays to be connected RIGHT NOW!

A link to my 5 posts on “The ASK”

You’ve asked for it, you get it. Here, in one place, is a link to all 5 of my prior posts on the topic of ASKing!

If you have been involved with MCC you already know how important the ASK is, but do you know Why we do it? Read this first installment to get an idea of  what The ASK is all about.

If you would like to know what the components of a rock solid ASK are, you should have clicked the link you just read over πŸ˜‰

Funny thing about ASKing, so many of us don’t know for what to ASK. Is this YOU? If so, take a moment and read the For what to ASK edition.

You can’t have a why, how and what without having a good for Whom to ASK. If you want to see how big your network really is,  you should probably read that too πŸ˜‰

If you’re wondering why I’m so sure these ASKs work, check out this last post in the installment about the ASK from a Universal Perspective. Be sure to look at my comment below the post to see a link to a great list of Universal Laws.

The power of the ASK in all of its glory.

I have one for you…If you know a business or a group that would like to have someone either train their team on speak to their group on these concepts, I would greatly appreciate the introduction.

Thanks for learning these. The more of us who are out there practicing these concepts, the better off we will all be.

Namaste- (which loosely translated means “the light that is the being you know as me salutes the light that is the being we know as you”)

Terry Bean

Using Status Updates Effectively

Status updates are simply the fastest, easiest way to let your network know what’s going on. The challenge is, so many of us are posting things that neither serve us or our network!

Think about it, does anyone really care if you’re “sitting on the patio”?. Of course they don’t. That is a line from a Verizon ad that exemplifies how useless Twitter can be, especially when used incorrectly. I would contend it’s Twitter’s own fault as they ask the wrong question: “what are you doing?” Linkedin and Facebook ask slightly better questions, but not much.

If that’s the wrong question, what are the right questions? While I’m not entirely sure there is one right question, I will submit that if you think about answering any of the following, you will serve yourself and your network better:

What value do you have to offer your network now?

What information can you share that your network needs?

What interesting links, quotes, or ideas would you like to share?

How can the project you are working on be a potential solution for others?

What is it that you love most about what you’re doing?

What type of people may benefit from what you’re doing now?

Can you make us laugh?

Can you make us think?

What exciting news happened in your day or with your business that you would like to share?

These are just questions that I ripped off the top of my head. You can see that they are value focused. That value should be for others and a little bit for you, too.

One last caveat about status updates. While going negative may yield some responses, think about the types you’re getting. Hopefully before you set out on your social media campaign you decided what you wanted to get from it. On that list should be the types of responses you want. It has been my experience that negative attracts negative. I will leave it to you to decide when you have had enough of that in your life.

Connectedly yours-

Terry Bean

Are you helping your clients get business?

Business has changed. While I am big proponent of the idea that all business is relationship business, I know there are some caveats to that statement.

The biggest one is price. People will leave you to save money. The tighter the economy gets, the truer that statement becomes.

-Case study-
My insurance term is up and I started shopping rates. I went to the websites of Geico and Progressive and found out either company could save me $1000+ per year on my auto coverage. The good news for my current agent at AAA is that she has referred me business in the past. So before I jumped ship, I called her. Good thing I did. She was able to save me even more. Had we not that mutual referral society, I would have never made that call.

Instead of providing the minimum to our clients, you know, the product or service they pay us for, step it up a level. Add value to them. Of significant value right now would be new business. Be on the lookout for the people your clients need to meet. You do know who that is, right?

If not, it may be a great reason to get back in touch with your clients. Imagine your vendors calling you and asking how they could refer business to you. Go ahead. Make that call. Make someone’s day while keeping your clients a little longer.

Please share your story of helping your clients get business.

Do you know who you are talking to???

What a huge opportunity cost there is when we prattle on and on about us and don’t take the time to learn about others. I decided to share this post via video so you could get the gist…

Evidently I can’t embed the video directly into WordPress (editor’s note, this may NOT be an issue with WordPress, it could be a Terry thing…TBD). In the interim, please click HERE to see the awesome video and if that doesn’t work, copy and paste this: into your browser. Geesh, I sure hope it’s worth it.


19 sites that can make Twitter soar for you

Cool Sites to Help You Tweet

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Twitter Monitoring and Search Services- Makes it easy to track your key words

Twitter Mobile-Want to take Twitter with you when you are away from your desk? for your blackberry – For your Iphone

Staying current on Twitter Need to know what a word means? Look here See a hashtag and want to know why? Here you go

Compare your numbers with your friends and followers

Want a cool twitter background?

What sites do you Twove?