Businesses are valuing the right relationships more than ever. Most businesses are relying on outdated methods of finding new clients. They are stuck in “doing things the way we have always done them”. Are you noticing the type of results that has been getting you?

It’s time for a fresh perspective. Networked Inc. wants to use their experience, skills and relationships to help your business grow NOW. We have three distinct offerings that can help you:

1. Business Development Strategy

You need your sales team in front of more of your ideal clients. Networked understands not only who they are but how to get you in front of them. This offering is for the truly do it your selfer who has the right team, but needs a quick lesson in the now economy.

Terry Bean will work with you to understand your company’s goals and help you by providing a road map on how to get you there. FAST. The business development plan you receive will show you your ideal clients, ideal business partners as well as where you can find each and what to say to them.

2. Training

Strategies are only as good as your ability to implement them. If your team isn’t up to date on current business development skills, it may be time to look at training. Networked offers several different classes that your business development people will love and your CFO will thank you while writing the check for it.

3. Introductions

Whether it’s “we don’t have anyone to train” or “we would rather just leverage you to create the relationships we need“, Networked is there for you. Let us get you in the doors you need to enter.

The process of “getting ink” has changed. If you’re not getting as much of it as you want, you need to contact Networked Inc today.

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