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Video of my TEDxDetroit talk- 6 degrees of connectedness

I’m pretty proud of this dissertation on the 6 degrees of connectedness. I spend almost 19 minutes explaining why 6 degrees of separation is backwards thinking, the importance of connectedness and then share the 6 things I find it imperative to connect to. Those six things are:

  • Self
  • Others
  • Technology
  • Planet
  • Universe
  • Bliss

If you ever wanted to know who I am and what I believe, be sure to check THIS out. Be sure to check back to see my progress on this as a forthcoming book.

You’re already connected

Universal Guide to Networking with Terry Bean

Connecting people create opportunities.
Opportunities create people connecting.

The good news for you is that you are already connected. In being so, opportunities are already being created by you. Some of them will be for you. Others will be for those you know or are about to.

These connections are more than just the people in your network. They are parts of your universe. And if you want your Universe to be good to you, you have to be good to it.

Every moment we have the chance to do something great.
But that only happens when we are aware. Sense the moments that you live and you will instantly note how connected you really are.

The above was originally printed in The National Networker. Click HERE to read the rest!