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Excited to Announce the Website for Real Detroit Test Drive

Real Detroit Test Drive Logo

Real Detroit Test Drive Logo

I needed a cool and interesting way to help sell cars with Click Click Car. I knew there was little chance of me talking about features and benefits of vehicles all day, so I came up with a better way.

Real Detroit Test Drive exists to share the stories of people who are doing great things that have a positive impact on the Detroit area.  We wanted to do this in a way that showcased the city as well. What better way to accomplish both than while riding in cars?

The goal is to launch a new one every week to 10 days. We’ve got 5 of them loaded up for you on Real Detroit Test Drive. They’re easy to find as they’re sitting right there on the home page (although not necessarily in this order).

The first video features Terry Bean driving in a 2014 GMC Terrain through Indian Village (awesome neighborhood in Detroit) explaining what Real Detroit Test Drive is all about.

The next video in the series features John George of Blightbusters. We do a quick tour in a Jeep Cherokee through Brightmoor (an area that needs a lot of clean up that John and his crew have been working on for 26 years) as John explains the improvements that are coming as well as the ones they’ve made.

The third video features Menachem Kniespeck of Operation: Kid Equip and a whole lot of books.  Menachem’s organization provides backpacks full of school supplies to needy children in 3 Southeastern Michigan counties and provides FREE books for children anywhere in the state of Michigan.  You should really check out their website. We did drive in a GMC Acadia there and spent a little time in it as you can see.

The fourth video is about Scott Fader and Suits for Soldiers. Scott and his organization have helped over 100 veterans find jobs, over 10,000 with their resumes and have given away over 5,000 suits since July, 2013. If you know a veteran in need, they should speak with Scott.  Scott and I roll through East Village in a Buick LaCrosse.

The fifth video features Sola Obayan of Pavo and Social Media Association of Michigan. Sola shares her passion for small business and social media. We also discuss how Pavo is in beta phase and looking for early adopters who want to connect their businesses with people who are passionate about it. We tore up the Midtown area in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We’ve had a blast making these and are looking forward to continuing to do so. We sure hope you enjoy the ride.

Invite to #313DLove event in Detroit on March 13

You are cordially invited to be one of the 313 people who join us live at the inaugural #313DLove event on March 13 at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit. See the invite video HERE
The event will feature thought leaders, community organizers and business professionals who will share why they do what they do to make our world a better place. Shawne Duperon, Rod Hairston, John George, Menachem Kniespeck, Hajj Flemings and Leslie Smith are just a few of the high energy people who will share their stories with you.
You will walk away inspired, refreshed and ready to fall in Love with Detroit all over again.
Tickets are $31.30 and include a walking tour of the museum (before and after the event) the full compliment of speakers and an invite to the “Afterglow” at the museum. A portion of all sponsorship dollars AND ticket sales will be donated to 5 area non-profits.
The agenda looks like this:
11:30-1:00 Tour of Museum
12:30 Registration for Event
1:00-3:00 First Session of Speakers
3:00-3:30 Coffee and Cookie Break with the Special Instruction of Breaking Twitter at 3:13 to get #313DLove to Trend Worldwide Again.
3:30-5:00 Afternoon Speaker Session
5:00-6:00 Tour of Museum
5:30-8:30 Afterglow at the Museum with Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres (Afterglow cost ONLY cost is $13.13
We are working on setting up a “Live Stream” of the event for those who can’t make it. Details forthcoming.
You can stay up to date with what’s going on at our official website: and on the #313DLove Facebook page:
If you’re interested in learning how to sponsor this event, please reach out to Michele Hirschfield at
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Terry Bean

Press Release for #313DLove event on March 13 in Detroit



Friday, February 14, 2014

#313DLove To Share Positive Stories About Detroit March 13

DETROIT – The world is paying attention to Detroit. During the past couple of years they’ve started to actually hear a few good things too. There are many other positive stories that fail to generate much buzz outside the metro area. The event is scheduled for March 13 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

“In 2012 we got the #313Dlove to trend worldwide on Twitter. No easy task,” said Terry Bean, who also founded Motor City Connect, a pioneering business networking group who meet online and in the real world. “We trended again in 2013. The idea was to get people to say what they love about Detroit. And we’ll do it again this year. Instead of just tweeting, we are inviting people to join us for a day filled with inspirational discussions from people making it happen in our area.”

The afternoon will be filled with inspirational stories from local professionals, artists, non-profit execs and thought leaders. The common theme among them is they choose to make a difference and continually make that choice. This is but one of the lessons attendees and viewers will take from this event.

Some others are:

Forming a stronger Identity

Starting in late afternoon and spilling over into the evening, a cocktail reception held in the rotunda of the museum will let attendees connect, reflect and contemplate who should be selected to speak at #313DLove 2015.

“We are thrilled that the inaugural #313Dlove event will take place this year as Detroit celebrates her 313th birthday,” said Bean. “We are even more excited to partner with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History to present this outstanding event. And we are blown away by the caliber of doers and makers we have attracted to share their passion and collective wisdom with us.”

The event is co-produced by MITechNews.Com, which publishes a Weekly eNewsletter in partnership with WJR’s Internet Advisor radio show. Also on the leadership team are entrepreneurs Paul S. Funk, an Executive Consultant to Businesses and Non-Profits, and Michele Hirschfield, Opportunity Cost Strategist with Welcoming Results.Com.

“#313DLove equates to surrounding oneself with entrepreneurs who stem from the land of ‘YES’ thus making things happen, period,” Hirschfield said.

Indeed, #313DLove will be an amazing day full of great connections, inspiration and positive energy that will ripple throughout our area. 313 people will be able to embrace the vibe live on-site with us. For those who can’t, we are working on a live stream feed to a computer near you. We will record the speakers and interview some attendees and post those to our web site,, so we can share Detroit’s message with the world.

Said Funk: “It is a privilege to be part of the 313DLove Leadership Team and get to work with so many incredible people; as speakers, sponsors and our awesome volunteer base.

“This inaugural 313DLove event promises to be the launching point for a whole new mindset of “Doers and Makers” coming together in the spirit of Love and Renewal for our Detroit-area. Come join us!”

For sponsorship information, contact Hirschfield at

Author: Mike Brennan 
Source: MITechNews.Com


Promoting what you’re about to be promoting…Do it early. Do it often. Get others to do it too. #DNY










































































The coolest software, product or business doesn’t mean squat if you don’t let others know about it. We live in a hyper-connected world so in some sense, “getting the word out” has never been easier. Conversely, having “the word” cut through the noise has never been more challenging. 


If you really want to do great things in this life, you’d better enroll a bunch of others to help. The more assistance you can get, the greater the reach your message will experience.

The challenges are several:

1. It’s awkward for most people to ask for help. It’s like it’s a sign of weakness. Truth is, allowing others to help is a sign of strength. It’s also proof that you are determined enough to reach your goal.

2. Most people instinctively understand the law of reciprocity and realize that if they don’t do enough for others, others aren’t likely to do much for them. You’ve got to put deposits in that karma account before you start taking withdraws. 

3. People are busy AND respectful of the fact that people are busy. We don’t really want to burden others with our problems.

4. We fear opening ourselves up to other’s critiques.

5. And every other fear, excuse or rationality you can think of stops us from doing what needs to be done.


None of that matters. It can’t. In order for you to be successful, you have to get past it. There is a lot of work to be done and as my friend John George of Blightbusters always says “Many hands make for light work”. 

We intend to “soft launch” our solution in about a month. In an effort to start letting people know about it, I posted a picture of my business card on Facebook and a fairly simple request that read: “So in a month or so we will officially soft launch the site and do the big reveal. Will you be so kind as to check it out then and if you like it maybe give a share? That would be awesome. Can you give this a like if you will? Thanks!!!”

I wrote it fast as I was more interested in getting it out there then getting it perfect. Plus my daughter was bugging me to take her to school (seriously, some 10 year olds should be allowed to drive). The results were okay. I now have a list of 25 people (it’s actually now at 28 because I commented on it when I started writing this post) who will hopefully “spread” the word when the time is right. 

This is great because of two reasons:

1. They will amplify my message.

2. As my friend Michael Angelo Caruso says: “If I stand here and tell you something, it’s a sales pitch. But if YOUR friend says it, it’s the truth”. 

I’ll be sure to let you know of some of the other things we do to roll this out, but right now I’m interested in what you do to roll out your magic. Please share in the comments below 😉 

Digital New You #DNY Be of Service to Others- the non-profit edition


Did you ever read the book “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman? Without giving it all away I can tell you that a “Guru” comes into Dan’s life and helps him change his ways to a more profound and meaningful existence. Dan met the Guru who was working at a gas station of all places. Dan asks him if you’re so great and knowledgeable, then why do you work at a gas station. The man replied, it’s a service station. And the most important thing in this life is to be of service to others.

There was this pretty hip cat who lived around 2,000 years ago who shared the same philosophy. Too bad so many continually miss the point.

And maybe it’s not about missing the point. Maybe people just aren’t sure how to help?? I have heard this before. People want to get engaged…they just don’t know how, when or where. Let me break it down for you.

Find a CAUSE (not a business, or other opportunity) about which you are passionate. Maybe it’s school supplies for children (help our friends at Operation: Kid Equip). Maybe you like tearing down blighted houses (check out Blightbusters) or maybe you’re into animals. So many shelters have way too many potential pets. If you can’t work at one, maybe you can foster? And there’s so many “green” opportunities for you environmentally friendly types…

It doesn’t matter what you’re into. Pick something and then figure out how to become a part of it.

You have three things you can give:

  • Time- Volunteer. Give some of your time. Join your organization in their quest to make the world better.
  • Money- Help them fund their initiatives. I haven’t met a non-profit yet who said “We have too much money”.
  • Connections- Introduce your cause to your network. The more the merrier.

Most every organization out there will be glad to take any or all of those three from you. All you have to do is reach out to them and let them know you wish to help. They have volunteer coordinators for those who give time just like they have financial coordinators for those who wish to give money.

And please don’t kid yourself by thinking “I’m just one person. What difference can I make”. Like the movie “The Lorax” said: “Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”. You can be the difference maker IF and when you CHOOSE to be.

I will write an entire piece on the value you will receive by being of service at another time. In the meantime, suffice it to say that those who give, receive. There are universal laws that work on your behalf to assure this is true. Additionally, really good people serve non-profits so you’re likely to meet some new folks you like.

Is there a non-profit you support that you wish to share here?

How did you pick that one?

What’s your favorite way to give back?


What is a #bustup??

Thank you for you interest in #bustup. Below is a quick write up about the event. We expect 100 people to be there if we are completely unsuccessful. 3000+ people will join us if we knock it out of the park. Obviously if an organization like Ford, GM, BCBS or Quicken Loans said to their employees and partners “we should go do this cuz it’s the right thing to do” even the 3000 # looks low.
When: June 25, 2011 Starts at 9. The busting will go until 4. The party goes…well this IS Detroit so who knows when that stops
Who: Motor City BlightBusters + Motor City Connect + #backchannel + everyone else we can get
Where: Northwest Detroit near Grand River and Lahser
Why: We will transform the energy in our city
What is a #bustup? You may be familiar with the term “tweetup”- when people on twitter get together in real life to meet. A #bustup is a tweetup with a specific purpose.

For the past 3 years, Motor City Connect (large Detroit based networking group) has partnered with Motor City Blight Busters (23 year old non-profit near Brightmoor) to remove negative energy from Northwest Detroit. We do this typically by knocking down a dilapidated house or 3 and cleaning up the area near Grand River and Lahser. It’s been a wonderful experience and 90% of the people who attend can’t wait to come back.

We managed to capture Stephen Clark’s (news anchor on Channel 7) attention in 2010. He was kind enough to run THIS STORY on the news. This year, he reached out to me and said he would like to bring #backchannel (a group of twitter people who interact with him/newstaff during the news cast) down to join Motor City Connect for a day of Blight Busting. He has also indicated that the station manager is intrigued and would like to support this initiative possibly as part of the Detroit 2020. He also mentioned a couple of really cool things that I won’t type 😉
The more Stephen, John George (Blightbuster’s founder) and I have discussed it, the more we have decided this could be a great party day. Sure there will be work. But why can’t there be fun too?  We can easily setup a stage and bring in music. The acts with whom I have spoken are excited. It is very possible that we will be hosting a screening of the new film short: Lemonade Detroit as well.
Right in the area we will be working is the Artists Village and the historic Redford Theater. I truly believe we can turn this into a festival. It’s fitting because the date we are doing this, June 25, is about the same as the 23rd anniversary of Blight Busters and John George’s birthday.
We want to make this day a community building and community bonding experience. With the help and support of the Detroit area corporations, chambers, artists and citizens we can make that happen. It’s great that we have Channel 7 on board. We are also connected to quite a few of the social media elite in town. Are you interested in making this happen?
We are looking for sponsors to help make this a fun, family friendly event and to start a lasting legacy for our Detroit while raising some some much needed funds for Blightbusters. I would be happy to discuss details on sponsorship with the appropriate parties.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Oct. 4 must be a great day for tear downs

Exactly one year ago I skipped out of my then bosses office as he told me the “bad” news. I could hear how irritated he was at my jubilation as I rapidly left his space. It’s worth noting that I could hear him even though I am a very loud skipper.

Today’s tear down was quite a bit different. We had a group of us show up at Blight busters. and make a difference here in our Detroit by tearing down a badly burned and abandoned house. I think it very important to note: I don’t care from where you are, this goes for you too America, we all need a stronger Detroit. We all need to take part in making it stronger too. The greatest things start with the smallest of efforts.

It’s wonderful to be a part of something that you can feel making a difference as you do it. I think it makes the subsequent highs from it that much better.

We had about 18 people from pair up with about the same amount from  I have been to three different days at blightbusters in the past 6 months and although this was the smallest crew, we knocked out much more in a shorter time.  Axes and sledgehammers were wielded with precision, wood was slivered and the dust flew. It was interesting to have first hand experience with just how much trash and broken down house debris can fit into a small dump truck.

The best part about it was the connections we made. I think all participants bonded with others, gained a better sense of self and were touched by the spirit of Detroit. The energy we shared, as tired and worn out as we were, was pure. It was very empowering.

I am very proud of the members who showed up. They represented what is so great about MCC. It was also cool to work with the guys from Quicken. BTW, I am looking for Steve. He’s in I.T. for Quicken and he likely works in Livonia, MI. Good guy.

Be Connected-