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Bob Burg

BUY TICKETS NOW Special price of only $47.00 until Midnight, May 25.

Super excited to be bringing my friend and networking mentor, Bob Burg back to town on June 26th at Lawrence Technological University.

Bob will be sharing his “Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way” presentation with an audience of over 200 professionals. This will be a great opportunity to connect with new folks while learning some tips that you can implement immediately.

Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn that day:

  • Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts.
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money.
  • Instantly connect via what Bob calls, “Feel-Good Questions®.”
  • Instantly deepen that new connection via the “One Key Question” that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Really use social media as a truly effective, profitable, business-building tool.
  • Model the one SECRET all superstar salespeople use to get to the top.
  • And much, much more!

Bob has been teaching people how to network more effectively since the mid-90s and he is regarded as one of the best. You’ll love his style, humor and ability to engage the audience. The information is immediately implementable and it can take your business to the next level.

Buy tickets early and SAVE BIG. We’ve got special pricing of $47.00 from 5/20-5/22. Ticket prices will be $57.00 until Mid June and then they will be $77.00. All of these prices are way better than the $97.00 door price 😉

If you’re interested in seeing a couple of promos you can click HERE to learn about Endless Referrals and HERE to learn about Price vs. Value.

Bob Burg will Present “Endless Referrals The Go-Giver Way” near Detroit 6/26

Whether you’re just getting into networking or have been doing it longer than I have (18 years and counting) Bob Burg is bound to teach you some new techniques. I am extremely excited to be bringing this gem of a man back to the Detroit area again for a morning presentation on June 26.

You can learn more about this event by clicking HERE.

Want to buy tickets, click HERE.

Bob Burg Talks Price vs. Value- Promo for Detroit trip 6/26

Another sample of what Bob Burg will be discussing when he visits the Detroit area on 6/26. The presentation will be in the morning and tickets go on sale Monday, May 20th. Very special pricing will be available until Wednesday May 22nd. Details posted soon.

Be sure to check the next post on this site for more specifics on the event.

Want more details on the event? Click HERE.

You can buy tickets directly by clicking HERE.

Why the Networked plan will work

Why will the Networked model work?

When Bob Burg first wrote “all things being equal, people do business with
people they know, like and trust”, it instantly resonated with me. Let’s face
it, all business is relationship business.

I’ve long held the belief that selling many products or services to one customer is easier than selling one product or service to many customers.
When you add more value to your current client and prospect base, they will turn to you more often when they have needs.

In addition to creating more value for your network, you can increase your
income. It’s no secret that people need additional sources of income right now.

This is beneficial for those who are working and a necessity for those who are
in between jobs. I want to help you all live a better life. By leveraging the
relationships YOU have, to create the relationships Networked needs, we can have a triple win. Your clients/network wins, you win and my clients win.

In the coming months, Networked will add new clients that can get you paid and make you look like a rock star.

The key is to find products or services that your consumers need. One such
product that every business needs is telecommunications services. Businesses
need these services to makeand receive phone calls as well as connect to the Internet. Frankly, businesses need these services to be in business!

Networked is proud to partner with TelNet Worldwide. Telecommunications
companies in this area are well aware of who TelNet is and they know what a great impact they will have. Consumers are about to know them now too!

To learn how you can earn up to $350.00 for each referral, join us here:

I look forward to connecting with you real soon.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

author, “The Universal Guide to Business Networking”

Founder, Motor City Connect