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Calling all #Detroit lovers…WE need YOU to step it up NOW!!!

The rest of the country is busy looking at B-roll film from 1987 and thinking; “poor, poor Detroit”. Actually, it would be nice if they were being that kind. You know what? Good! Let them think that. Let’s not tell them about all of the great things that are happening here. They don’t need to know…yet. They’ll figure it out in due time. 

What we need to do is get our $#!+ together as a community and come together as one. My friend John George of Blightbusters says it best “It doesn’t matter if you live in Birmingham, Brownstown or Brightmoor, the rest of the world thinks we all live in Detroit.” And he’s right. Detroit can’t survive without the suburbs any better than the suburbs can survive without Detroit.

It’s time for all of us to join together and MAKE AN IMPACT.

Fortunately, the good folks at Life Remodeled have put together a way for you to join in and do something great the week of 7/29-8/4. They have a HUGE goal of getting 5,000 volunteers to be part of the biggest beautification effort this town has seen.

Together we will beautify 48 blocks (see THE PLAN). This will include boarding up 250 homes, renovating 24 houses and building 1 house (ala extreme makeover) for a lovely lady and her two boys (click the picture to watch a video).

So what’s needed:


Come sign up for any four hour block between 8-8 and any of the days. 

Can’t make it down? Then please consider donating ANY OF THESE ITEMS.

Can’t make a donation? Then please, share either this post or the Life Remodeled Website.

Detroit is on the rise. It’s high time we show the rest of the world that nothing can keep Detroit down. Will you join us and be part of the change we all need to see in the D.? The spirit of Detroit compels you 😉


Operation: #FloodOKE with drop off locations for 7/17

We are doing a “replenish” the school supplies Operation: Kid Equip lost in a flood on July 10 and we need your help.

This link has a list of locations where we will be accepting donations on Wednesday, July 17:

If you know people who have children on free/reduced lunch programs in and around Detroit this is very important.

Please show your support!

Thank you!!

Operation: Kid Equip press release for Operation: #floodOKE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 Media Contacts:


                                                                                              – Terry Bean




Operation: #floodOKE is a Multi-Location School Supply Fundraiser Planned to Replace Supplies Lost in Flood

Community Bands Together to Support Non-Profit that Serves

Close to 100,000 Detroit Area Children

DETROIT, Mich — July 12, 2013

On July 10, 2013 Menachem Kniespeck, Founder of Operation: Kid Equip ( walked into the HQ like it was any normal day. That changed the in an instant. “The minute I walked through the door and I put my foot on the floor it just went, squish!” said Kniespeck. Tens of thousands of dollars in donated school supplies ruined.  The biggest problem is that their insurance covers everything but donated items.


Instead of volunteers spending their Wednesday getting ready for upcoming multiple distributions of school supplies, they spent their day ripping up carpet and throwing out water soaked things like papers and books. 

Operation: Kid Equip exists to make sure children have the school supplies they need when their parents can’t afford to buy them. Since their inception in 2006, Operation: Kid Equip has distributed tens of thousands of backpacks filled with the basic necessities: pens, notebooks, pencils, crayons, rulers and more to well over 100,000 needy students in the Detroit metro area.

The organization relies on donations, and has great success attracting many corporate partners. This year the shelves were stocked and volunteers were ready to distribute the supplies. But the weather combined with a plugged outdoor drain system had different plans.  “Sometimes if something gets wet it can get moldy, we don’t want to pass out anything to the kids that could potentially make them sick,” said Kniespeck.

So now this wonderful organization is looking to create a significant grassroots movement to replace non-usable supplies. In partnership with some local organizations, Stay & Play Social Club, and Motor City Connect, Operation: Kid Equip looks to replace what is lost. It is being referred to as Operation: #floodOKE so it is identifiable on social networks.

“The idea is pretty simple,” said Stephanie Puertas, Founder of Stay & Play Social Club, “we want to show the world just how resilient, fun-loving and giving Detroiters really are. So we decided to setup a multi-location event next Wednesday, July 17, where people will be encouraged to donate supplies and grab a drink.”

“It was a real easy decision to support the work Operation: Kid Equip is doing” said David Phillips of “They make a positive impact in so many people’s lives. It just seemed like the right thing to do”.

At the time of the writing of this press release seven establishments had agreed to participate: The first is O’Toole’s in Royal Oak. Donations will be accepted Sunday, July 14 from 12:00-7 pm. The following locations will be accepting donations on Wednesday, July 17 from 6-9. Shark Club in Waterford, Rosie O’Grady’s in Ferndale, Shields Pizza in Southfield, Red Ox in both Auburn Hills and Utica and Main Street Billiards in Rochester. On Thursday, July 18 donations will be accepted at the Black Finn in Royal Oak. We anticipate that other locations will also be accepting donations throughout the week. Follow Operation: Kid Equip on their Facebook page for the most up to date info:

Here is a list of supplies that can be picked up at Meijer, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target or wherever you would find school supplies: Crayons (16- or 24-packs), Pencils, Pens, Markers (washable), Scissors (blunt-tip), Rulers, Glue Sticks, Spiral Notebooks, Copy Paper, Erasers, Backpacks

Operation: Kid Equip is a 501(c)3 with a passion for giving children the tools they need to succeed in life. If you would like to donate directly to Operation: Kid Equip, you can do so on their website: You can also learn more about the organization there.