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Excellent Physical Therapy #Jobs near Detroit

Job Description:                  Physical Therapist

Reports to:                           Clinic Director

Direct Reports:                     None

Experience required:           2+ years in a clinical setting

Openings as of 12/11/15:   2  (1 each in Brownstown & Southgate)

Key Responsibilities

  • The first priority is providing excellent health care for our patients. That means that the patients should achieve good outcomes and be happy with their experience of physical therapy.  The therapist’s key tasks are:
    • Evaluating new patients, developing plans of care and setting measurable, functional goals;
    • Treating patients, answering their concerns and educating them on their injury, progress and probable outcomes;
    • Supervising aides when they are providing modalities for non-Medicare, non-BCBSM patients, and also in their general set up and clean up duties;
    • Re-evaluating patient progress, revising plans of care and resetting goals;
    • Determining when to discharge patients;
  • Writing timely and accurate documentation including; evaluations, re-evaluations discharges and daily progress notes. Key points include:
    • Ability to work with electronic medical records systems;
    • Understanding of Medicare, BCBSM and other insurance billing regulations so that we bill correctly for the treatment actually provided;
    • Completing documentation within company standard timelines ie within 72 hours of treatment.
  • Achieving a reasonable level of productivity. This depends on the number of referrals and the type of patient presenting.  However, with our normal outpatient orthopedic population, we expect 55 to 60 treatments plus evaluations a week from a full time PT.
  • Helping to develop protocols for the most common diagnoses we see.
  • Participating in the research studies supported by the clinic.
  • PTs are also responsible for continuing to develop their own skills by attending company continuing education events and using the continuing education allowance to attend approved courses.

If this position is of interest, Call or Email Terry Bean at 248.224.1326 to learn more or apply. Oh, and you may want to read on…

Pay and Benefits

  • Therapists’ pay has four elements:
    • Base pay ranges from $62k/year for a new grad to $83k/year for a therapist with 12 or more years experience.
    • Therapists share 5% of the profit of their clinic every month. That pays the average therapist $2k/year.
    • Clinics have a team performance bonus based on visits per admission, visits per week, units per visit and co-pay collection. The average member of staff earns $2.5k/year from this.
    • We pay a profitability bonus twice a year in June and December. PTs make between $3k and $10k a year from this depending on clinic profitability.
  • We offer 9 public holidays plus 19 days PTO per year. There are also 40 hours a year of PTO which can only be used for time at continuing education courses.
  • Our normal benefits package for a full time employee includes:
    • Health insurance (Blue Cross Community Blue plan 2, 3, or 4. The company pays 75% of the premium for plan 2, 80% for plan 3 and 85% for plan 4)
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • FSA
    • Short and long term disability (with a small amount of life insurance)
    • 401k with match
  • Company pays for a minimum of $1.5k a year of continuing education. This money is for courses chosen by the PT.  We also bring 12 to 20 weekend courses a year into our training center.  PTs may attend as many of these courses as they can sign up for, without using the $1.5k continuing Ed allowance.

Excited to Announce the Website for Real Detroit Test Drive

Real Detroit Test Drive Logo

Real Detroit Test Drive Logo

I needed a cool and interesting way to help sell cars with Click Click Car. I knew there was little chance of me talking about features and benefits of vehicles all day, so I came up with a better way.

Real Detroit Test Drive exists to share the stories of people who are doing great things that have a positive impact on the Detroit area.  We wanted to do this in a way that showcased the city as well. What better way to accomplish both than while riding in cars?

The goal is to launch a new one every week to 10 days. We’ve got 5 of them loaded up for you on Real Detroit Test Drive. They’re easy to find as they’re sitting right there on the home page (although not necessarily in this order).

The first video features Terry Bean driving in a 2014 GMC Terrain through Indian Village (awesome neighborhood in Detroit) explaining what Real Detroit Test Drive is all about.

The next video in the series features John George of Blightbusters. We do a quick tour in a Jeep Cherokee through Brightmoor (an area that needs a lot of clean up that John and his crew have been working on for 26 years) as John explains the improvements that are coming as well as the ones they’ve made.

The third video features Menachem Kniespeck of Operation: Kid Equip and a whole lot of books.  Menachem’s organization provides backpacks full of school supplies to needy children in 3 Southeastern Michigan counties and provides FREE books for children anywhere in the state of Michigan.  You should really check out their website. We did drive in a GMC Acadia there and spent a little time in it as you can see.

The fourth video is about Scott Fader and Suits for Soldiers. Scott and his organization have helped over 100 veterans find jobs, over 10,000 with their resumes and have given away over 5,000 suits since July, 2013. If you know a veteran in need, they should speak with Scott.  Scott and I roll through East Village in a Buick LaCrosse.

The fifth video features Sola Obayan of Pavo and Social Media Association of Michigan. Sola shares her passion for small business and social media. We also discuss how Pavo is in beta phase and looking for early adopters who want to connect their businesses with people who are passionate about it. We tore up the Midtown area in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We’ve had a blast making these and are looking forward to continuing to do so. We sure hope you enjoy the ride.

Does your Detroit area Car Lease qualify for Pull Ahead Special?


Many people who lease cars do so because they like the idea of driving new cars more frequently. 

Lease pull ahead makes it easy for you to get out of your lease even earlier than expected.

We made a website to make it easy for you to figure out if your car qualifies to get out early. All you need to do is enter some information and we will get back to you. Fast. It’s really that easy.

In addition to getting a new car, a few other reasons you may want to do a lease pull ahead are:

  • Your financial situation has changed and you want a nicer car
  • You’ve added to the family and you want a larger car
  • You’ve driven more than expected and you’re concerned about the mileage
  • That new car that you’ve been waiting for is out and it’s time to make your move

Whatever your reason, hop on over the Lease Pull Ahead website and check it out.

Real Detroit Test Drive: S1: E4: Suits For Soldiers: 2014 Buick LaCrosse

Scott Fader of Suits for Soldiers and I go for a ride and discuss the great work he and his organization are doing. We also talk about the car for a moment or two. Check it out.

Real Detroit Test Drive 3: Operation: Kid Equip

In this episode of Real Detroit Test Drive I grab Menachem Kniespeck of Operation: Kid Equip and we take a spin in a 2014 GMC Acadia. We also do a tour of their warehouse that is filled with hundreds of thousands of books. Menachem was one of the speakers at the first #313DLove event. Check it out.

Some Tweet sized messages you could share about #313DLove event

Here are a few easy to share messages regarding the #313DLove event. If you feel inspired post on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn…that would be AWESOMESAUCE. Love to you!!

At 3:13 pm on 3/13/14 #Detroit will break #Twitter by sharing what we love about our area and tagging it #313DLove

Trending worldwide on #Twitter was only the beginning. Join us March 13 to feel that #313DLove.

Suits for Soldiers is proud to be one of the #313DLove charities:

Where TED spreads ideas, #313DLove is about sharing our heart.

Operation: Kid Equip is proud to be one of the #313DLove charities:

The #313DLove event will do a lot of good for some local #Detroit area charities:

If you’ve ever thought “I want to do more” and haven’t done so yet, let #313DLove inspire you.

Blightbusters is proud to be one of the #313DLove charities:

More than just Movers and Shakers, #313DLove is full of Doers and Makers.

If you’re ready to experience more Love than Detroit has shared in years, check out #313DLove.

Did you know Detroit turns 313 years old this year? The party begins March 13 at #313DLove

Project: Forgive is proud to be one of the #313DLove charities:

The #313DLove event will feature leaders in Creativity, Communications and Community.

So excited to partner with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History for #313DLove

We invite you to share in the #313DLove on March 13.

Beautiful people doing beautiful things make up the docket for #313DLove.

9 Great Reasons to Attend #313DLove Event on March 13

There are so many great things about this #313DLove event, it’s hard to even figure out what “the lead” should be. This list contains my favorite features of the event. Which one do you feel like should be the lead?


The Speakers-, This is first here on this list, but I’m not 100% sure it’s actually the first in my heart. What I can say for sure is that I’m blown away by the caliber of folks that will be coming in and sharing their stories with you. While you can see many of these folks speak on the regular, this is slated to be a very unique talk for them. I can’t wait to hear what wisdom they will share.

The Charities- I became a philanthropist before I became wealthy. While I don’t recommend it, I do think it is VERY important to give back. Regardless of what you have to give. As such, doing something that supports great LOCAL charities is very important and I sure am hopeful we can make some sort of impact for these great organizations.


The Venue- The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is such a cool place that not enough people know about. We did a little pre-event tour and took some video ( of the venue. Take a look at some of the 22,000 square feet of Awesomeness.

The After-Party- What can I tell you? I like after parties because of two main reasons: 1. A lot of work got done and it’s time to celebrate. 2. It’s a PARTY. HELLOOOOOOO. Who doesn’t like parties? There is some discussion on “revamping” the after-party for this event and moving it to a Detroit area restaurant. Details on that will be shared in the next 3 days.

Spreading the Love- I Love Love. Absolutely Love it. Seriously. Years ago I made the conscious decision to look at the world through eyes of love and it’s really made a difference in what I see. When more people can see what’s right as opposed to what’s wrong, we will live in a better place. Speaking of love, check out this cool video about #Loveweek:

Trending Worldwide on Twitter- This isn’t as much of a goal anymore as it is the logical effect of this great cause we are creating. In 2012, it was awesome to see how this 55 second video ( got an idea to spread so broadly that it trended the # #313DLove worldwide. We did it again in 2013. And now in 2014, we are seriously kicking it up a notch!

Inspiration over Motivation- There are tons of motivational events. This really isn’t one of them. Why? Because motivation comes from the outside and fades. Inspiration comes from the inside and lasts. You will find this event, and the people who take the stage, extremely inspirational. We think some of that will carry over into your everyday life.

The #’s 1 & 3- Part of the reason this whole thing started was the power in the numbers 1 and 3. 1 represents Leadership. 3 represents Creativity. I think it’s awesome to remind people about how many of us in the Detroit areas are Leaders and Creatives. For those of you who wish to point out the actual # is 7 that just proves that you are actually a 7 who needs to know and understand 😉

The First Year- This is the first year and there is something VERY cool about being associated with something in its first year. We intend to do many, many more of these.


Okay, with all these great reasons to support #313DLove, which one should be the lead?