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Our review of #Blab

Are birds that social?

The Blab Bird

My lovely co-host of Business Growth Time, Janet E. Johnson and I do a quick 10 minute review of Blab. We hopped on the platform early last week and had a blast. We talk about some of the features, fun and functionality.

All in all, it’s a very cool platform that when used properly can aid your business. Like all social tools, you can get sucked down a rabbit hole instantly. Be careful blabbing 😉

You can check our show on Business Growth Time our review of Blab. If you like it, be sure to check out our Business Growth Time Facebook Group and our Facebook Business Blabbers group.

Make the magic happen wherever you can #dny


We have a lot of work ahead of us to launch and explain the site. We decided early on that video was going to be a huge part of it. Over the last couple of days it’s been all “quiet on the set”.

We have been filming live. We also have been doing a lot of after effects as well ad kinetic typography. We will be using video for branding, education, sales and some how to use the site.

Pretty amazing transformstion for the space we now call home.

Looking forward to showing off the work when it’s ready.

Do you video to market your business?

What are some of your favorite ad campaigns that are either video on social or run on those tv thingees?

If you need a video campaign, we would enjoy discussing it with you.

A new microsite called Metro Detroit Office Furniture

We are working on building the digital presence for the iconic Detroit area office furniture dealer, Facility Matrix Group.

In an effort to increase their “google juice*) we will be creating a series of microsites. The idea behind the micro site is that they are “The right answer” when anyone searches for a specific product, service or offering. These right answer sites then deep link into specific pages on their main site and therefore establish credibility.

The first Micro Site can be found by clicking Metro Detroit Office Furniture. This is valuable because these are the highest level things we believe people are searching. It’s a haunch certainly, but it is a pretty good one. The next three “hunches” should be on too. It’s sites 5, 6, 7 and beyond that we will play around with.

Before creating a micro-site we created a blog post about Facility Matrix Group that I posted here last week. The blog is is important because it has LOTS of history of being indexed by google. To prove a point, we launched the first microsite 3 days ago and Google doesn’t know it exists. I predict that after publishing this post, The micro site will show up on page 1 for the keyword search: Metro Detroit office furniture. I’ll comment on this post when it shows up.

I’m curious if my partner will think I’m giving away too much of the secret sauce in this post. Guess I’ll find out IF he reads it 😉

* By the way, Google Juice or GooJU as we call it in the office is like the magic fairy dust that magically makes digital content rise to page 1 (and hopefully spot 1) during Google searches.

Authenticity vs. Getting it Done – A Case for the Social Media Call Center

When I started delivering the “9 Hard Fast Rules of Social Media” in 2008 Rule # 4 had a whole series on “Be Attitudes”. There were 9 of them like: “Be Engaging”, “Be Interested”. “Be Interesting”. “Be Helpful” and a few others. The one I really want to focus on today is “Be Authentic”. 

Social Media has long been about putting yourself out there and either starting or becoming a part of the conversation. Authenticity is a key as it really helps people connect with you. Enlightened individuals certainly understand and have knowledge of their authentic self. Those on the path toward enlightenment have a pretty good sense of their authenticity too. People who are less concerned with “who they are” tend to have a lower sense of self. That’s okay because this post really isn’t about people, It’s about companies.

In business we are just starting to wake up to the importance of “corporate culture”. Your company’s culture is its’ identity. Just like in individuals, the identity is what drives authenticity. 

When I say businesses are just “waking up” to this idea, I’m also saying that MOST have little idea as to what their culture really is. As such, they take on the identity of their leader at best, have a blend of identities or have an identity that is chaotic on the flip side. Authenticity from a business with multiple identities is similar to expecting consistency when following a twitter stream of someone suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. It’s not gonna happen.

And time marches on.

How many businesses have been contemplating “getting into social media”? They’ve sent people to classes. Signed up for webinars. Hired younger people based on their answers to questions geared around social media and they’re still not doing it. Why? Because of three simple reasons:

1. They don’t have the understanding of how to merge these tools with their business objectives.

2. They don’t have the right people (a reflection of 1)

3. They don’t have the time

And time, marches on.

Those three reasons can be enough to have kept you from starting, but should they keep you on the sideline? No chance. Here’s the truth, getting started in social media is far more important than getting it right. If you don’t have the knowledge, people and or time, then maybe it’s time to look for a company who does.

We built a social media call center to not only take away the excuses of not being involved but to make it so easy for you to jump in that you can’t imagine waiting another second. Go ahead and click on the uNetworked description of Social Media Call Center to learn more about what we would like to do for you. If you like what you see, give us a call so we can discuss how to get started.

Rule #1 in the “9 Hard Fast Rules of Social Media” has always been: “Ready. Fire.Aim“. Getting it done today is far more important than being authentic tomorrow, or whenever you get around to it.