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#workfromhomedads Law of Attraction Intro

Had a discussion the Law of Attraction (LOA) at the most recent Motor City Connect meeting at the end of June. I liked it so much, I decided it should be a topic here. It’s been something I’ve discussed, followed and enacted for a long time. I just listened to this video 3 times and am looking forward to putting this powerful force into full effect in my life again.

There is never nothing going on

One of the valuable lessons in the book “way of the peaceful warrior” is that there is never nothing going on. As you learn to live in the moment you begin to realize all that goes on in each moment you live. You will quickly understand that your moment affects the moments of those around you. It is on you to be responsible for the reactions you have to each one. You see, you don’t control the moment as much as you control how you allow it to impact you.

I have written numerous times about the difference between responding and reacting. This is just another way of saying the same thing.

As life progresses the one thing we seem to all agree on is that there will be
change. In some instance you can affect it. In others, your only contribution
will be how you respond to it. Learn to be readily adaptable and you will find
greater enjoyment out of life.

There really are only 3 rules of life:

  • Its a paradox in that it is a mystery that we will never understand
  • Its best to have good humor especially when it comes to matters of self
  • And that change is a constant to which you will eventually adapt.

Why not learn these things now and begin to choose the best parts for you?

Life is a play in which you are always the actor and often the director. See
you get to direct the effects, but not so much the causes. You can direct the
reaction, but not always what caused the action. Realize what your role is and
do your best at playing it out.

The fun thing is that your best will almost always be different based on the
moment in which you are. Be cognizant of your surroundings and the signs which guide your way and make decisions that will best represent the person you want to be. You do know who that is, right?

Its having a firm identity of your role in the universe at large that allows for
the greatest success. Everyone has a gift or talent that others will value.
The cool thing is that most times, you don’t have to find them. If you put your
talent out there and your vine is strong enough, you will attract the right
folks to you.

You can attract those folks at any given time just by being in tune with the
moment. Send them good will and prosperous thoughts. You will get them back.

The amount of nothing going on since I started writing this is staggering. Its
funny to me how you can be an active participant in the nothing or a passive
observer in the everything the moment has to offer. The only limitation put on the greatness of any given moment is the one you put.

If you don’t know what to ask for, don’t be surprised when you don’t get it.

If you have seen/read The Secret or have practiced using the law of attraction in any way, you know the first thing they have in common with networking: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Both networkers and the universe want to give to you. The better you are at asking for what you truly want, the more likely you are to receive it.

Do you know what you want? Is it more clients? Maybe you need more referral partners. Perhaps it’s a new staff member that can take your business to new levels. Whatever it on that list, get clear on it. Prioritize it. Understand who is likely to help you find what you seek. Most importantly, be comfortable asking.

If you are an active networker, you will be meeting lots of people. Some are folks you have known for a while. Others are brand new to you. Hopefully you are taking the time to ask them how you can help them (you are, right?). If you do the work of being interested prior to being interesting, most times they will ask you how they can help you too.

This is your chance to get what you seek. Two things happen when you make your specific asks known. First, as you tell an individual or a group of people what you want, you are actually giving to them. Yes, it’s true. Allowing others the opportunity to help us is an act of giving. Don’t agree? Check out my last piece ( Why Giver’s Gain?) on the concepts of the law of reciprocity and the law of generosity. Hopefully that clears it up.

The second thing that happens when you ask is that you affirm your order with the universe.

So here you are asking people for what you seek. If you know about your audience, you can tailor your ask. Increase the odds of having your ask come to fruition by making it relevant to the people who are there. If you don’t know your audience, (you can have an audience of one) ask for the number one thing on your list. You never know who others know until you ask them.

It’s amazing how powerful having a succinct, specific and relevant ask is when you use it. Try it. Try it often. Watch how people want to help when you let them.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

This article originally appeared in The National Network 4/19/09 edition and is reposted here with their consent.

Find Your Flow

When Oprah revealed “the Secret” in February, 2007, she made an
EXCELLENT point about people finding the current of their life and
riding with it. I call that “finding your flow”.

Everyone of us is here for a reason. We put ourselves here at the
exact time we did so we can have and share the experience of being
here. The having and sharing all should be good. Why else would we
want to be here?

We realize that there are times when good doesn’t happen, so we just
take the good from the experience. I think of golf. There are 87
different ways to mess up a shot. If you look at your ball after you
hit, you can always find 1 good thing with it. Focus on that and lose
the rest.

The flow of your life takes place as directed by you. Awareness of
the signs that are placed to guide you, will often put you in the spot
you need to be. If you truly thing about what you want and focus on
it, you will create ways of getting it. Too many of us don’t take the
time to pay attention. We keep saying we live in a fast moving world.
That’s true, but only when we let it be.

Talk about interesting. My dad did a great job of getting his flow.
He accomplished amazing things and grew a solid business. My mother
actually did exceptional in directing producing and choreographing
plays, but didn’t find her flow in the business end.

The flow only stops when you let it. To let it, you have to observe
it and know what it is. The signs are always there for your
observation. Take the time to read them, because you put them there.

I like living in the flow. You will too.

Terry Bean