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9 Great Reasons to Attend #313DLove Event on March 13

There are so many great things about this #313DLove event, it’s hard to even figure out what “the lead” should be. This list contains my favorite features of the event. Which one do you feel like should be the lead?


The Speakers-, This is first here on this list, but I’m not 100% sure it’s actually the first in my heart. What I can say for sure is that I’m blown away by the caliber of folks that will be coming in and sharing their stories with you. While you can see many of these folks speak on the regular, this is slated to be a very unique talk for them. I can’t wait to hear what wisdom they will share.

The Charities- I became a philanthropist before I became wealthy. While I don’t recommend it, I do think it is VERY important to give back. Regardless of what you have to give. As such, doing something that supports great LOCAL charities is very important and I sure am hopeful we can make some sort of impact for these great organizations.


The Venue- The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is such a cool place that not enough people know about. We did a little pre-event tour and took some video ( of the venue. Take a look at some of the 22,000 square feet of Awesomeness.

The After-Party- What can I tell you? I like after parties because of two main reasons: 1. A lot of work got done and it’s time to celebrate. 2. It’s a PARTY. HELLOOOOOOO. Who doesn’t like parties? There is some discussion on “revamping” the after-party for this event and moving it to a Detroit area restaurant. Details on that will be shared in the next 3 days.

Spreading the Love- I Love Love. Absolutely Love it. Seriously. Years ago I made the conscious decision to look at the world through eyes of love and it’s really made a difference in what I see. When more people can see what’s right as opposed to what’s wrong, we will live in a better place. Speaking of love, check out this cool video about #Loveweek:

Trending Worldwide on Twitter- This isn’t as much of a goal anymore as it is the logical effect of this great cause we are creating. In 2012, it was awesome to see how this 55 second video ( got an idea to spread so broadly that it trended the # #313DLove worldwide. We did it again in 2013. And now in 2014, we are seriously kicking it up a notch!

Inspiration over Motivation- There are tons of motivational events. This really isn’t one of them. Why? Because motivation comes from the outside and fades. Inspiration comes from the inside and lasts. You will find this event, and the people who take the stage, extremely inspirational. We think some of that will carry over into your everyday life.

The #’s 1 & 3- Part of the reason this whole thing started was the power in the numbers 1 and 3. 1 represents Leadership. 3 represents Creativity. I think it’s awesome to remind people about how many of us in the Detroit areas are Leaders and Creatives. For those of you who wish to point out the actual # is 7 that just proves that you are actually a 7 who needs to know and understand 😉

The First Year- This is the first year and there is something VERY cool about being associated with something in its first year. We intend to do many, many more of these.


Okay, with all these great reasons to support #313DLove, which one should be the lead?

Invitation I just sent to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to speak at 3/13 Event in Detroit

Figure if you’re going to ask for something big, you have to go BIG and ask. While I’m at it, I thought it may be best if I can encourage some of you to ask too. Quietly. Privately. Out loud. On line. Whatever works. This request will need all the support the Universe can muster. Thank you. Here is the letter I just sent.

Greetings and warm salutations-

On March 13 of this year we will host a transformational event in Detroit. We are inviting Detroit area professionals who have done well by doing good in our area. The idea is for them to share what they love about Detroit and what they do to show it. One of the speakers will share about her non-profit, Project Forgive. Another will discuss how art can change a community. Another will share about bringing people together to remove the blight from our city. A former Navy Seal and master facilitator for Tony Robbins will share about the power of our thoughts.
All of this will be done to raise the consciousness of our area. To get people to focus on where we are now and where we are heading. In order to do so we need to acknowledge our shared past and then put it in a box and tuck it away.
To say His Holiness’s presence would be an honor is a tremendous understatement. His wisdom on living in the present, altruism and compassion are sorely needed for our area to come together. It is with this belief that I hope you will give serious consideration to my invitation:
Would it be possible for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to join us for this event on March 13, 2014? I understand his ability to travel and appear in public is diminished. I pray for his peace and well-being. Perhaps he can join us virtually and speak to our audience of about 300 for even 5 or 10 minutes. It will be a VERY powerful day for our area and his presence, even if it’s remote, will increase the flow of positive energy. Our area can use all of the positive energy we can create and receive.
I thank you for your time and consideration.

What is your AQ?

Many of us can discuss our IQ at length.  We know the score, we
understand what it measures and we may even remember the test we took.

Some of us are familiar with the the concept of EQ.  Our emotional
quotient or emotional intelligence.  This concept basically discusses
our ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to
discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s
thinking and actions.

This is all well and good, but I want to know about your AQ.  What is
your Awareness Quotient?

Are you aware of your surroundings?
Do you notice even a small amount of the plethora of things that go
around you at any given moment?
Can you dial yourself into the opportunities and signs that present
themselves to you all day long?

Raising your awareness is shockingly easy to do, yet very few people
practice this.  It is a matter of making a conscious and concerted
effort to do so.  Be in tune with the flow of your life.  Realize that
your actions can and do have an impact on those around you.  Just like
the actions of others have an impact on you.

Practice being in the moment in which you are.

If you are engaged in a conversation, be engaged.  Listen.  Listen
both intently and actively.  Don’t worry about what you will say next.
If you are paying attention to what the other person is saying, the
words you need will come to you without much effort on your part.

If you are playing with your child, play like your child does.  Your
appreciation of the time will be far greater as will your interaction.
It’s ok to have fun.  Everybody is doing it.

Should you find yourself in nature, take some time to get really quiet
and listen to the sounds of it.  How many birds can you hear chirping?
Do you hear crickets or other insects?  Is there water moving nearby?
How far off is that semi rolling down the road (special note, if it
is coming right for you, you will need to get out of the way and
realize you really aren’t in nature at the moment).

If you are writing, let the words move from your head to the keyboard.
If you are truly in the moment, they will flow to your fingers as
fast as you can type.

Realize that there are no ordinary moments.  There is never nothing
going on.  Love the moments you live and you will live the moments you