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Networking Your Way Through The Holiday Season


I have come up with a quick list of thoughts pertaining to networking and partying during the holiday season. Consider this a “do or do not” kind of list. Just always remember, “There is no Try” (Benji bet me a dollar I couldn’t get the word Yoda into a post).

So here’s the list:

10. Host your own network gathering- Bring your network to your office, house or favorite joint and introduce them to one another. It’s a great way to help many at once.

9. Learn other culture’s holiday greetings- I speak to a lot of people who miss saying “Merry Christmas”. So say it, but also be able to wish others a “festive holiday” of their choosing too.

8. Setup weekly 4 tops for lunch between now and holidays- This is a great way to bring your network closer together. Look for the synergies and let them happen at the table in front of you.

7. Instead of sending clients cards and gifts, send them referrals…now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Get the attendee list in advance- You will be able to make the most of your networking time by having this information. Hopefully that adds to your cheer.

5. Use your holiday networking time to help get a jump start on your new year- Start filling up your January calendar with the folks you are meeting now.

4. Don’t be that GUY* at the  party…you know the one who either is throwing their card in everyone’s face or falls down because they drank too much.

3. Know what your follow up plan looks like before needing it- If you know your target client and target business partners, you will know who the people you need to follow up with immediately.

2. Help others connect by introducing them to the people you know they need to meet- Listen. Understand how you can help and make the appropriate connections.  Both parties will appreciate it.

1.5 Ask the host “who are the three people here that I must meet”?- They know everyone so they are in the right space to play matchmaker.

And # 1 on the Networking Your Way Through The Silly Season

…Don’t Network in the Punchbowl!- It’s just bad form

*GUY is an acronym for Gender Undetermined Yet

My two types of connected

I consider myself fortunate because I am a very well connected
individual.  When I read that sentence I immediately think of two very
different types of “connected” one can be.

The first is one that I achieve through my efforts in both business
and networking.  As I go through my days, I am able to meet new people
and make them connections.  When I meet someone, I truly take the time
to understand who they are and what would be a good opportunity for
them.  In doing such, I become a good connection for them.  When I
actually take the time to connect them to the folks to whom they need
to be connected, I become a great connection for them.

I am connected in another way too.  Not just to people, but to
everything that is both in us and around us.  I am connected to the
Universe we all share.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not the only one.  I
mean, we are all connected.  We may have different names for to what
we are connected, but we are all connected.

You may look at the connection to your religious affiliation.  I look
at it from a universal perspective.  Either way, we can both
accomplish great things by being aware of our connectedness and doing
the right thing by it.  Because no matter what you call it, I am a part
of you and you are a part of me and we both are a part of everything.
That’s why it’s called the universe.  It’s beyond comprehension, but
this shouldn’t impact your ability to believe.

The great successes on our planet throughout time have always practice
both types of connected.  They knew one doesn’t prosper without the other. Now you do too.

How are you connected?