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Great #job for a sales hunter with Financial experience

Location:  Walled Lake, Michigan

Are you a Rock-star Consultative Sales Professional in search of the right opportunity? Do you have a desire to develop into the VP of Sales for the Financial Industry?

Would you thrive as the Captain of Sales to financial industry clients?  Are you eager to hustle and seek success by aggressively growing an expanding territory within a national footprint? Are you phenomenal at identifying and developing new and existing customer relationships in order to meet and exceed prescribed revenue quotas?  Then please, keep reading.

About Us

Company is a well-established, entrepreneurial spirited company that has been in business since 1973.  Headquartered near West Bloomfield, Michigan, we are the pioneers of our industry.  Offering a brand-new CRM with automated marketing systems for target industries, we are currently thriving in an exciting growth and advanced development phase.

It is imperative that our team members mirror our core values of:

  • Service Excellence
  • Technology Driven
  • Integrity
  • Learning & Growing
  • Fun Teamwork

We seek professionals who are aggressive team players that are hungry, nimble and intelligent to work hard in our energetic, innovative, empowering, and dynamic environment filled with challenge, growth, resources and motivated team members who display tremendous passion for delivering results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Job Responsibilities & Key Duties

This position will be responsible for growing sales in an expanding territory.  A proven track record of sales execution and leadership is required. The Account Executive will carry their own bag and own the sales cycle, from lead generation to closure.  In performing your key duties, you will:

Prepare and execute a Self-Directed Sales Growth plan to sell our portfolio of products by targeting appropriate customers for growth, making sales presentations and closing sales.  You will be an expert in our client’s business; know their culture, strategies, needs, initiatives and challenges, and leverage that knowledge in the deployment of new solutions. Pursue opportunities to improve quality, value, revenue and profit for both clients and Company.

Confidently identify and routinely engage with C-Level decision makers to create new business opportunities to increase revenue and produce profit to achieve win-win outcomes.

Achieve results with efficiency and decisiveness; demonstrate a sense of urgency; assume responsibility and accountability for achieving results and objectives; strike the right balance between precision and speed.

Clearly and concisely convey information and ideas through various mediums to engage and foster understanding. Maintain a high level of responsiveness to clients and internal team members.

Monitor industry and client trends and capitalize on opportunities through knowledge of products, services, and market strategy.

Represent Company as needed at networking events, tradeshows, conferences, etc.

Own your ongoing growth, continuing education and professional development.

Forward new product opportunities to management for evaluation.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills and Abilities

  • A proven sales hunter and closer
  • Highly experienced in consultative sales to the mortgage lending, banking and credit union industries
    Strong knowledge of mortgage lending, banking and credit union industry
  • Ability to effectively and professionally interface with executive levels
  • Demonstrated overachievement of quota and revenue goals w/ a strong W-2 track record of commissions earnings
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication & presentation skills – both verbal and written
  • Strong negotiating, closing and follow-up skills
  • Quickly adapts and excels in a fast paced, rapid change environment
  • Aggressive, results driven self-starter
  • Proven prior success in selling software/marketing to target clients is a big plus
  • Must be likeable
  • Ability to tactically develop and maintain strong customer relationships throughout all levels of an organization

Education & Other Requirements

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with background in Business, Sales or Marketing
  • 4 or more years of relevant experience
  • Superior professional presence and business acumen
  • Proficient in MS Office and CRM software
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Travel including overnights as needed

Compensation is Base + Commission and is dependent on experience. 

We offer a competitive, comprehensive benefits package to full-time employees that includes:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Disability Insurance Options
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401(k) Plan with Matching
  • Professional, Team Environment
  • A great opportunity at a great place to work

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment screening, background checks and substance abuse testing.

This post is from a 3rd party recruiting for company. If this position is of interest to you, e-mail Terry Bean  with your resume or to begin the conversation.

Automotive Sales Career Near Grosse Pointe-Multiple Positions- 72k first year average income.

Job Posting: New Car Sales Consultant- Multiple positions available


Date Posted: June 15, 2014

Location: Grosse Pointe-Detroit Border

Compensation: Average sales consultants earn $65,000-75,000. Top performers earn well over $100,000 per year.

Benefits:  Medical, Dental, Optical and 401K

Details: Do you like cars and think you can sell? Due to growth, a private, Grosse Pointe area domestic dealer group is looking to add up to 5 Sales Consultants to their dealerships.

Sales Consultants will be responsible for following a process to assist clients in making great decisions as it relates to buying or leasing new cars. The process includes meeting new clients, understanding their needs, showing them appropriate vehicles, confirming their credit worthiness, following up, getting them into a new car (when appropriate) and gathering referrals.

This is a fast-paced environment that will require great attention to detail and a sincere customer focus. The chosen candidates will receive training AND an excellent opportunity to make a fantastic income. If you’re looking for a CAREER in sales, this is a great place to make one.

The ideal candidate will match many of the following:

  • Computer proficient.
  • Sales experience; prefer at least 1-2 years of sales experience. Lack of sales experience isn’t a deal breaker if you have the right skills and attitude.
  • High level of professionalism, honesty, and are driven to excel.
  • Excellent communications and problem solving skills, time management, organization, and multi-tasking abilities.
  • Comfortable working on the phone AND face to face with customers in a high-volume environment.
  • Ability to listen to the customer, ask good questions, present a solution and drive overall sales.
  • Stable, relevant work history.

If you believe you are a fit for this position, please send a brief e-mail detailing why you are with the subject line “I CAN SELL” to: trybean at gmail dot com. Be sure to include your contact information. No phone calls will be accepted.

Networking Your Way Through The Holiday Season


I have come up with a quick list of thoughts pertaining to networking and partying during the holiday season. Consider this a “do or do not” kind of list. Just always remember, “There is no Try” (Benji bet me a dollar I couldn’t get the word Yoda into a post).

So here’s the list:

10. Host your own network gathering- Bring your network to your office, house or favorite joint and introduce them to one another. It’s a great way to help many at once.

9. Learn other culture’s holiday greetings- I speak to a lot of people who miss saying “Merry Christmas”. So say it, but also be able to wish others a “festive holiday” of their choosing too.

8. Setup weekly 4 tops for lunch between now and holidays- This is a great way to bring your network closer together. Look for the synergies and let them happen at the table in front of you.

7. Instead of sending clients cards and gifts, send them referrals…now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Get the attendee list in advance- You will be able to make the most of your networking time by having this information. Hopefully that adds to your cheer.

5. Use your holiday networking time to help get a jump start on your new year- Start filling up your January calendar with the folks you are meeting now.

4. Don’t be that GUY* at the  party…you know the one who either is throwing their card in everyone’s face or falls down because they drank too much.

3. Know what your follow up plan looks like before needing it- If you know your target client and target business partners, you will know who the people you need to follow up with immediately.

2. Help others connect by introducing them to the people you know they need to meet- Listen. Understand how you can help and make the appropriate connections.  Both parties will appreciate it.

1.5 Ask the host “who are the three people here that I must meet”?- They know everyone so they are in the right space to play matchmaker.

And # 1 on the Networking Your Way Through The Silly Season

…Don’t Network in the Punchbowl!- It’s just bad form

*GUY is an acronym for Gender Undetermined Yet

Digital New You- There’s already too much to do later aka I put the pro in procrastinate


I’ll be honest, I knew I was going to write this piece on procrastination and had to find a picture for it. When I found the photo it opened up to a blog instead of allowing me to right click so I went to the site. It was on a blog entitled “5 ways to kill procrastination”. Of course I read it. (For some reason I can’t embed the link so here it is: The irony of putting off my own blog to read theirs didn’t escape me.

But figuring out how to not procrastinate wasn’t the central theme of this post. It was more of a bonus. What I want you to know is that you’re going to procrastinate. A lot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the programmer whose most time-consuming task of the day is actually opening Visual Studio, the writer who continually stares at a blank page waiting for the good idea or the sales person constantly shuffling their business cards instead of making the calls. We all do it! The key is what you learn from it.


So I just spent the last 10 hours NOT writing this blog. Another fine example.

What’s interesting to me about procrastination is how useful it can be at times. It allows you to look at issues from other sides. Therefore it can help you solve a problem in a different way.

While I do believe the strategies on “killing” procrastination will be effective for most of you, I don’t think you should rule out ALL procrastination. In fact, I think figuring out ways to embrace it are important.

The one thing I do to lessen the procrastination is trying to actually be accountable for doing less. Especially doing the things I really like doing. Let’s face it, the more you’re into the task, the easier it can be to get started. And like they say; “Well begun is half done”.

What do you procrastinate most about?

How do you break the cycle?

What’s your best tip to avoid procrastination?

Do you have a business idea inside of you that you’d like to get out? Call me, we may be able to work together on moving it forward.

Let me guess, you’re going to put off commenting on this piece 😉

10 ways to add value to your network

One of the most valuable lessons I teach when it comes to networking is the idea of “staying visible to your network“. Why? Because if you’re not top of mind with them, when an opportunity comes up to refer you, that referral may go to the person who is.

But it’s not enough to just be visible. I mean, you could be doing bad stuff and still be visible, right? So let’s talk about some ways where you can add value to your network. This will give you the positive JUJU you need to get what you want!!

These are in no particular order and many of them can be as valuable to your spouse, business associates and children as they are to your network.

10. Share an Inspirational quotation- This has become so much easier with status updates on social networks and it’s still very powerful. Pick quotations that are business or personal development related and let ’em fly. Want to take it up a notch? Send them a link to a site full of them or even better, buy them a book.

9. Keep them up to date with events that may be of value- There are soooo many things going on every day that we each miss the stuff that may be important. If you see an event that your colleague is likely to enjoy, make sure to share it with them.

8. Give ’em a pat on the back- This sounds so easy and you know what? IT IS!! And that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen all the time. People LOVE to feel appreciated. The simple act of saying “I appreciate you” goes a long way.

7. Give the opportunity to help someone else- Sometimes someone in your network is going to need help. Perhaps you aren’t the best person to provide it. Maybe you know who is and maybe you don’t. In either scenario, do your best to give your network a chance to help others in your network. This could be as easy as a Facebook post.

6. Share your specific knowledge- You are an expert in what you do. Think about that. Not many people can claim expertise in what you do (at least not people in your network). Share your knowledge. Share it often. You’ll be amazed at how often you hear “Thanks. I was just thinking about that”.

5. Lend them an ear- Sometimes people just need to be heard. We are all so busy that we forget the importance of simply listening to another. Be there when someone in your network needs a friend.

4. Send a link to a relevant article- Like events, important articles are coming at us fast and furious. Make sure your network knows you’re thinking about them by sending them some relevant stuff. You can do this via social media, e-mail, text or you can kick it old school and actually mail them the physical article (I know, I’m crazy).

3. Introduce them to new people they need to know- The better you become at paying attention to the needs of your network, the more likely you are to find people who they need to meet. Don’t hesitate to make introductions that you know will add value to others.

2. Give what you have to give when asked- Many people are waking up to the idea of giving. As such, they are asking their network to give to what they believe in. They may be asking for time, money, connections or shares. Whatever the case, when your network asks for your assistance, give what you can.

1. A referral- Nothing says “I value you being in my network” quite like giving a referral. The more you can give, the more value you create for those around you.

What do you think of this list?
What would you add?

Thanks for taking a look at it.

Terry Bean’s “Become a Magnet” Event

Become a Magnet

Terry Bean’s Guide to Success


Terry Bean has mastered a few areas of life: Communications, Networking and Right Thinking. This combination allows him to attract many great opportunities. Terry thoroughly enjoys helping others live their best life too.  He does this by providing inspiredutaining instruction (inspirational + educational + entertaining) on the best business and life development practices that can be implemented immediately.

Terry rousing the audience at TEDx Detroit 2011

Terry rousing the audience at TEDx Detroit 2011

This day-long session will provide you with the right information as well as ample opportunity to practice your new found knowledge. At the conclusion of this event you will understand new ways to enroll others, new strategies to grow your business and most importantly how to live your life out loud and on purpose.

Who should attend? This class is designed for people who are ready to take the next big step in their life.   This is NOT a beginner class, although those curious beginners with an open-mind and a willingness to learn will find a lot of value.

The cost of this course is $159.00 (special first time price and will be $279.00 the next time it’s offered) and includes a.m./p.m. refreshments, lunch and a signed copy of Terry Bean’s new book “Be Connected”.

You will be guided to:

  1. Discover your purpose so you can live your passion
  2. Understand how to be the best communicator you can be
  3. Implement new strategies to generate referrals constantly online and in the real world
  4. Sell more and cold call less
  5. A thorough understanding of the art and science of Networking

Date: July 11

Location: Troy, MI Credential Check Corporation 575 E. Big Beaver Terrace Level


8:30-9:00 Registration/Networking/Coffee

9:00-9:50 The 6 Degrees of Connectedness (originally delivered at TEDx Detroit 2009)

9:50-10:50 Target Clients, Partners and how to ASK for them

10:50-11:20 Speed Networking Break- Practice Your New Skills

11:20-12:30 Personal Branding and Improved Communications skills

12:30-1:15 Lunch and Networking (onsite likely sandwiches or pizza…lunch will be provided)

1:15-2:45 Going Social (using facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to network more effectively)

2:45-3:00 Break. Cookie networking

3:00-4:30 What I’ve learned about S&M…sales and marketing

4:30-5:15 Q&A/Networking/End

Bob Burg will Present “Endless Referrals The Go-Giver Way” near Detroit 6/26

Whether you’re just getting into networking or have been doing it longer than I have (18 years and counting) Bob Burg is bound to teach you some new techniques. I am extremely excited to be bringing this gem of a man back to the Detroit area again for a morning presentation on June 26.

You can learn more about this event by clicking HERE.

Want to buy tickets, click HERE.