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Digital New You- Tales and lessons of a tech start-up firm


That just seems like such good advice. The truth is, it’s ridiculously hard to keep calm while in a start-up. There are so many, soo sooo many things that will go differently than anticipated. That’s part of the majesty of the start-up. It’s also the reason that most fail. This blog series, #DNY for short, will look at many, many aspects of the start up.

Here’s the deal. I posted on Facebook on 8/5/13 that I wished to be held accountable to blogging daily. That’s important to me for a few reasons:

1. I have been saying I need to write more since 2008 (in my defense, I do write a LOT more than I did) and I really want to establish a routine.

2. I feel like I have some good wisdom to share with others (this would have been #1 but that seemed too douchey for me…claiming wisdom, not the helping LOL).

3. This will help find new prospects for my technology marketing business as I intend to actually grow an audience…finally. Amazing what I THINK consistency will bring. We shall see. I guess if there’s enough of #2, #3 may work out well.

4. As I will be telling stories about some clients, it will create back-links to Ray Laethem Motor Village, Facility Matrix Group, TV-Fitness and future clients and non-clients as well.  See how I did that? Like magic…SEO right before your very eyes.

So last night I put together a 45 topic outline just to get started. You can see most of them by clicking that link. I’m funny in how I do things. I wanted to make sure that you could see what you were in for, but I didn’t want to take the time to manually input each line item*. I guess that’s part of what you’re in for. One of the topics is “Is it better to be right or right NOW”? I think I know which way that piece will lean. 😉

I do intend to share what I’ve learned and things that will help any start up or people who are considering starting up a business here. I assume some of the readers will chime in and add their own experience.

I would love for this to be interactive and for you to share what challenges you have or what questions you have. I promise to be responsive and hope that we can engage in some meaningful discussions.

The big question will be what’s next? I guess I’ll let me fingers figure that out for me…unless you provide some direction. Or maybe I’ll just write about picking a name. That always seems like a good place for the skull f*cking (err I mean cognitive dissonance) to begin. LOL

* Rats, three paragraphs later I realized that I can’t create “links” to a photo. I guess there will be some manual input after all.

See you soon!

A new microsite called Metro Detroit Office Furniture

We are working on building the digital presence for the iconic Detroit area office furniture dealer, Facility Matrix Group.

In an effort to increase their “google juice*) we will be creating a series of microsites. The idea behind the micro site is that they are “The right answer” when anyone searches for a specific product, service or offering. These right answer sites then deep link into specific pages on their main site and therefore establish credibility.

The first Micro Site can be found by clicking Metro Detroit Office Furniture. This is valuable because these are the highest level things we believe people are searching. It’s a haunch certainly, but it is a pretty good one. The next three “hunches” should be on too. It’s sites 5, 6, 7 and beyond that we will play around with.

Before creating a micro-site we created a blog post about Facility Matrix Group that I posted here last week. The blog is is important because it has LOTS of history of being indexed by google. To prove a point, we launched the first microsite 3 days ago and Google doesn’t know it exists. I predict that after publishing this post, The micro site will show up on page 1 for the keyword search: Metro Detroit office furniture. I’ll comment on this post when it shows up.

I’m curious if my partner will think I’m giving away too much of the secret sauce in this post. Guess I’ll find out IF he reads it 😉

* By the way, Google Juice or GooJU as we call it in the office is like the magic fairy dust that magically makes digital content rise to page 1 (and hopefully spot 1) during Google searches.

SEO and Social Media for Detroit Office Furniture Dealers

You think social media is a waste of time? In certain instances, you’re right. Tweeting all day isn’t going to make a significant impact on your business. Neither is chatting with your friends on Facebook. However, using social to search for the right conversations can be very powerful.

The idea of “social networking” has been lumped in to social media and social networking can pay dividends. LinkedIn is a very strong tool for finding the connections you need. Twitter and Facebook can be too. Never forget that people do business with people. And people do frequent all of these social media sites and more.

Another aspect of social media that is important is how it helps increase your SEO ranking. Sure there are lots of ways to increase SEO that us experts know, but one easy way for everyone to succeed is through social. Especially if your business is visual. You can share lots of pictures or even videos.

Lee Steel by FMG

Video is increasingly popular as it allows us to tell stories about our work that have never been told before. The right video can grab your intended audience and get them totally involved!

Additionally, If you google a person who has a completed LinkedIn profile, regardless of how much web stuff they’ve done or how many people have that name their LinkedIn profile will be the first result on page 1. Why? Because Google trusts LinkedIn. Often times their Facebook page and Twitter feed may show up on page 1 too. This is also becoming more true for companies. Your corporate page should show up first and then the rest of your digital footprint will follow. Here’s the thing:

If you’re doing SEO to optimize for your company name you’ve got it all wrong!!

Anyone that’s “searching” for your name already knows your name. You need to optimize for the services you provide, the products you sell and the problems you solve.

Your goal is to be the right answer when someone does a search.

Social media can help you achieve that goal to an extent. Having a company that understands the target audience and what they are seeking whose stay on top of changes at Google is always the right answer.

When you’re ready to enter the world of digital dominance, you’re ready to speak to us.