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Our review of #Blab

Are birds that social?

The Blab Bird

My lovely co-host of Business Growth Time, Janet E. Johnson and I do a quick 10 minute review of Blab. We hopped on the platform early last week and had a blast. We talk about some of the features, fun and functionality.

All in all, it’s a very cool platform that when used properly can aid your business. Like all social tools, you can get sucked down a rabbit hole instantly. Be careful blabbing ūüėČ

You can check our show on Business Growth Time our review of Blab. If you like it, be sure to check out our Business Growth Time Facebook Group and our Facebook Business Blabbers group.

Why I Decided to Write a Book on Business Networking


Business Networking Book

cover of my book on networking


Few things are as important* AND misunderstood** in the world of business as Networking is. Even the name is confusing. Are we talking about stringing a bunch of computers together? No. We’re not.¬†And while a bunch of computers strung together now support the largest social networks, it’s still really not the same thing. We are talking about Business Networking. Which I would prefer we re-named “Relationship Marketing” or even better, “magNETworking“,¬†but that’s a different rant.

Networking offers businesses the ability to grow. Often times this can happen with little to no investment outside of time (it’s a trap…networking can take up sooooo much of your most valuable commodity if not done properly). And while a lot of people partake in this activity, it dawned on me that very few do it well. I mean really well. Like at the level EVERYONE would be happy to network with them. Why is that?

That’s because we weren’t taught how to network effectively. And more importantly, the skills that really excellent networkers use aren’t mainstream. ¬†So I wrote a book. One that covers the things that anyone who will ever be networking will find of value. In fact it helps you network in situations that aren’t even about networking. Why? Because when done properly, networking can happen anywhere you are whenever you’re there.¬†

The book is broken down into 5 main sections:

  1. The reasons why networking works…consider this the Universe’s relationship to networking. Yeah, it’s a little LOA, but so is life.
  2. What you need to do before Networking. This really gives you the game plan that helps you spend your time wisely.
  3. What to do at an actual event. Let’s face it, there are a LOT of ways to screw this up. This book helps you not do that.
  4. ¬†How to network online. It’s more about the how and why then what tools you use. The tools may change, the how and why won’t.
  5. What to do after the networking. This is really just about the importance of follow up. It gives plenty of suggestions for how to make sure you stay top of mind.

Each section has anywhere from 12-25 entries and the longest entry is about a page and a half. It’s a quick read and is jammed full of strategies that you can implement and master immediately. ¬†This is also a great gift for anyone starting a business or entering the work force too.

You can pick up your copy of “Be Connected” here on Amazon. I also tend to have a few copies in my car. If we’re at an event together, ask me for one. I’d be happy to sign it for you ūüėČ

On the off chance I need to defend the importance of networking*, here goes: Ask 10 business owners: “what’s the best form of advertising?” and they will ALL tell you “word of mouth”. Not to suggest networking is merely word of mouth, but that is certainly one very positive outcome of it. If I need to sell you on the idea that it’s misunderstood**, well, just go to your local chamber mixer or read through your Facebook timeline only focused on business development looking posts. Good. I feel like we got that out of the way.




Excited to Announce the Website for Real Detroit Test Drive

Real Detroit Test Drive Logo

Real Detroit Test Drive Logo

I needed a cool and interesting way to help sell cars with Click Click Car. I knew there was little chance of me talking about features and benefits of vehicles all day, so I came up with a better way.

Real Detroit Test Drive exists to share the stories of people who are doing great things that have a positive impact on the Detroit area.  We wanted to do this in a way that showcased the city as well. What better way to accomplish both than while riding in cars?

The goal is to launch a new one every week to 10 days. We’ve got 5 of them loaded up for you on Real Detroit Test Drive. They’re easy to find as they’re sitting right there on the home page (although not necessarily in this order).

The first video features Terry Bean driving in a 2014 GMC Terrain through Indian Village (awesome neighborhood in Detroit) explaining what Real Detroit Test Drive is all about.

The next video in the series features John George of Blightbusters. We do a quick tour in a Jeep Cherokee through Brightmoor (an area that needs a lot of clean up that John and his crew have been working on for 26 years) as John explains the improvements that are coming as well as the ones they’ve made.

The third video features Menachem Kniespeck of Operation: Kid Equip and a whole lot of books. ¬†Menachem’s organization provides backpacks full of school supplies to needy children in 3 Southeastern Michigan counties and provides FREE books for children anywhere in the state of Michigan. ¬†You should really check out their website. We did drive in a GMC Acadia there and spent a little time in it as you can see.

The fourth video is about Scott Fader and Suits for Soldiers. Scott and his organization have helped over 100 veterans find jobs, over 10,000 with their resumes and have given away over 5,000 suits since July, 2013. If you know a veteran in need, they should speak with Scott.  Scott and I roll through East Village in a Buick LaCrosse.

The fifth video features Sola Obayan of Pavo and Social Media Association of Michigan. Sola shares her passion for small business and social media. We also discuss how Pavo is in beta phase and looking for early adopters who want to connect their businesses with people who are passionate about it. We tore up the Midtown area in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We’ve had a blast making these and are looking forward to continuing to do so. We sure hope you enjoy the ride.

Promoting what you’re about to be promoting…Do it early. Do it often. Get others to do it too. #DNY










































































The coolest software, product or business doesn’t mean squat if you don’t let others know about it. We live in a hyper-connected world so in some sense, “getting the word out” has never been easier. Conversely, having “the word” cut through the noise has never been more challenging.¬†


If you really want to do great things in this life, you’d better enroll a bunch of others to help. The more assistance you can get, the greater the reach your message will experience.

The challenges are several:

1. It’s awkward for most people to ask for help. It’s like it’s a sign of weakness. Truth is, allowing others to help is a sign of strength. It’s also proof that you are determined enough to reach your goal.

2. Most people instinctively understand the law of reciprocity and realize that if they don’t do enough for others, others aren’t likely to do much for them. You’ve got to put deposits in that karma account before you start taking withdraws.¬†

3. People are busy AND respectful of the fact that people are busy. We don’t really want to burden others with our problems.

4. We fear opening ourselves up to other’s critiques.

5. And every other fear, excuse or rationality you can think of stops us from doing what needs to be done.


None of that matters. It can’t. In order for you to be successful, you have to get past it. There is a lot of work to be done and as my friend John George of Blightbusters always says “Many hands make for light work”.¬†

We intend to “soft launch” our solution in about a month. In an effort to start letting people know about it, I posted a picture of my business card on Facebook and a fairly simple request that read: “So in a month or so we will officially soft launch the site and do the big reveal. Will you be so kind as to check it out then and if you like it maybe give a share? That would be awesome. Can you give this a like if you will? Thanks!!!”

I wrote it fast as I was more interested in getting it out there then getting it perfect. Plus my daughter was bugging me to take her to school (seriously, some 10 year olds should be allowed to drive). The results were okay. I now have a list of 25 people (it’s actually now at 28 because I commented on it when I started writing this post) who will hopefully “spread” the word when the time is right.¬†

This is great because of two reasons:

1. They will amplify my message.

2. As my friend Michael Angelo Caruso says: “If I stand here and tell you something, it’s a sales pitch. But if YOUR friend says it, it’s the truth”.¬†

I’ll be sure to let you know of some of the other things we do to roll this out, but right now I’m interested in what you do to roll out your magic. Please share in the comments below ūüėȬ†

#DNY Digital New You- 8 Reasons Why Social Sucks

This is part 1 and the flip side will be Why Social Rocks!


Quick disclaimer: I’ve been involved with social media LONG before it was called social media. I got on LinkedIn in 2004 before it had 1,000,000 users. Was on Facebook the day it opened to Grey Hairs and No Hairs like myself in 2006. I remember well the summer of 2008 when people thought Plurk may replace Twitter…so while the title of this post says “Why Social Sucks”, I too must suck a little for spending so much time on it. Okay? Thanks!

Now, on to why Social Sucks…

Too much noise– If you’ve ever tried to promote an event or an idea through Facebook you quickly realize how easy it is for people to “tune you out”. Truthfully, it’s not that they are even doing so…the amount of things happening every second on Facebook (or Twitter for that matter) does it for them. ¬†As a “marketing channel” these tools are just a little blown out. Ha ha I said a little.

We broadcast instead of narrowcast– One of the best parts of marketing on the web is the ability to specifically target our audiences. Unfortunately, we still act like we can only send one message and HAVE to hit as many folks as possible with that. ¬†This is more of a function of “lazy” than anything else.

Too many invites to crap you’d never attend–¬†How many times have you been invited to an event that you’re clearly NOT the target audience for? Perhaps it was for a sport you’d never play, a restaurant opening you’d never attend or an event that takes place 2700 miles from home? It’s just easier to “select all” then it is to painstakingly go through and cherry pick the people you really mean to target. See? Lazy!!

Too many people starving for attention– There’s so much “look at me” and not in the good way. It would be almost acceptable if most of the cries for attention where “I’m awesome. Check me out!!”. Instead it’s “send prayers” or “you won’t believe what happened to me”. This really doesn’t have anything to do with the post. It’s more of a PSA than anything ūüėČ

There are no real rules– Social is still the wild west and anything goes. Well maybe not anything, but certainly far too much. Think about the last time you scrolled through your Facebook Wall or Twitter stream and constantly said wow…amazing. Yeah. Right. I just scrolled through my entire twitter stream to find anything to RT. I went through 47 posts before finding anything worthy and honestly, it probably wasn’t but it did amplify a nice message from a friend.

No barrier to entry to call yourself a pro– Or an expert or a guru or anything else. Frankly, I’m uncomfortable when people call me a Social Media ****. I don’t purport to be one. I don’t “practice” my craft. I don’t really spend that much time studying it. AND NEITHER DO MOST PEOPLE. If you’re looking for a pro in social media, figure out how to become one. It’s not tough and your voice will be the only truly authentic one for your brand. If you really can’t do it, call me and we will figure it out together.

People consider doing social doing work– “Yeah it’s kinda work. Demented and sad, but work”. Alright, maybe I’m misquoting Johnny Bender from¬†The Breakfast Club.¬†It’s very easy to get caught up in “updating statuses” or even worse…finding things to share. At the end of the day, most of this is far better for your ego than it is for your wallet. There are specific times when doing Social well pays dividends and we will get to those in Why Social Rocks!

The right platform still doesn’t exist-¬†Linkedin is great for your Rolodex and is getting better with status updates, but far too many people still use it as a “set it and forget it” tool. ¬†Facebook is far more fun and people still don’t really want others doing business there. Twitter is a hot mess that you get lost in the crowd before the word go. Google + started quickly and I think someone must have yelled FIRE really, really loud. What’s needed is a place where it’s comfortable to do business AND people actually spend time.

What do you think Sucks most about Social?

Did I miss anything that should be on the list?

Is there something here you disagree with?

What kind of Social Platform would you create if you could? I know a guy that can make that happen!

Terry Bean’s “Become a Magnet” Event

Become a Magnet

Terry Bean’s Guide to Success


Terry Bean has mastered a few areas of life: Communications, Networking and Right Thinking. This combination allows him to attract many great opportunities. Terry thoroughly enjoys helping others live their best life too.  He does this by providing inspiredutaining instruction (inspirational + educational + entertaining) on the best business and life development practices that can be implemented immediately.

Terry rousing the audience at TEDx Detroit 2011

Terry rousing the audience at TEDx Detroit 2011

This day-long session will provide you with the right information as well as ample opportunity to practice your new found knowledge. At the conclusion of this event you will understand new ways to enroll others, new strategies to grow your business and most importantly how to live your life out loud and on purpose.

Who should attend? This class is designed for people who are ready to take the next big step in their life.   This is NOT a beginner class, although those curious beginners with an open-mind and a willingness to learn will find a lot of value.

The cost of this course is $159.00 (special first time price and will be $279.00 the next time it’s offered) and includes a.m./p.m. refreshments, lunch and a signed copy of Terry Bean‚Äôs new book ‚ÄúBe Connected‚ÄĚ.

You will be guided to:

  1. Discover your purpose so you can live your passion
  2. Understand how to be the best communicator you can be
  3. Implement new strategies to generate referrals constantly online and in the real world
  4. Sell more and cold call less
  5. A thorough understanding of the art and science of Networking

Date: July 11

Location: Troy, MI Credential Check Corporation 575 E. Big Beaver Terrace Level


8:30-9:00 Registration/Networking/Coffee

9:00-9:50 The 6 Degrees of Connectedness (originally delivered at TEDx Detroit 2009)

9:50-10:50 Target Clients, Partners and how to ASK for them

10:50-11:20 Speed Networking Break- Practice Your New Skills

11:20-12:30 Personal Branding and Improved Communications skills

12:30-1:15 Lunch and Networking (onsite likely sandwiches or pizza…lunch will be provided)

1:15-2:45 Going Social (using facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to network more effectively)

2:45-3:00 Break. Cookie networking

3:00-4:30 What I’ve learned about S&M…sales and marketing

4:30-5:15 Q&A/Networking/End

SEO and Social Media for Detroit Office Furniture Dealers

You think social media is a waste of time? In certain instances, you’re right. Tweeting all day isn’t going to make a significant impact on your business. Neither is chatting with your friends on Facebook. However, using social to search for the right conversations can be very powerful.

The idea of “social networking” has been lumped in to social media and social networking can pay dividends. LinkedIn is a very strong tool for finding the connections you need. Twitter and Facebook can be too. Never forget that people do business with people. And people do frequent all of these social media sites and more.

Another aspect of social media that is important is how it helps increase your SEO ranking. Sure there are lots of ways to increase SEO that us experts know, but one easy way for everyone to succeed is through social. Especially if your business is visual. You can share lots of pictures or even videos.

Lee Steel by FMG

Video is increasingly popular as it allows us to tell stories about our work that have never been told before. The right video can grab your intended audience and get them totally involved!

Additionally, If you google a person who has a completed LinkedIn profile, regardless of how much web stuff they’ve done or how many people have that name their LinkedIn profile will be the first result on page 1. Why? Because Google trusts LinkedIn. Often times their Facebook page and Twitter feed may show up on page 1 too. This is also becoming more true for companies. Your corporate page should show up first and then the rest of your digital footprint will follow. Here’s the thing:

If you’re doing SEO to optimize for your company name you’ve got it all wrong!!

Anyone that’s “searching” for your name already knows your name. You need to optimize for the services you provide, the products you sell and the problems you solve.

Your goal is to be the right answer when someone does a search.

Social media can help you achieve that goal to an extent. Having a company that understands the target audience and what they are seeking whose stay on top of changes at Google is always the right answer.

When you’re ready to enter the world of digital dominance, you’re ready to speak to us.