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Detroit area I.T. Product Architect Job

The Opportunity:

A well-funded, fast growing startup, part of a $2B Simon Holdings Group, with global interests in energy, technology, and private equity is currently seeking a senior, hands-on product architect to lead the product development of digital platforms. The role will report directly to the VP of Client Services and will be responsible for scaling up the product and direct the engineering team to find innovative solutions for a disruptive digital platform. Candidate must have solid experience in global product development and strive to constantly deliver the most robust cutting edge solutions.

The Role:

We believe in simplicity. Below are the key attributes for the role. If you check the boxes below, we would love to talk to you.

* Digital, cloud based platforms        * Quality assurance

* Product architecture                          * Continuous innovation

* Product release management         * Program management

* Business development collab         * PaaS/ SaaS product dev.

* Engineering team leadership

The Successful Candidate:

In addition to being “passionate for digital and mobile”, “aiming big”, and “delivering game changing technologies”, we expect you to deliver the following capabilities:

• 10-15 years of software development experience in building and scaling web applications/ digital platforms

• Ability to define, deliver and provide best practices in technical architecture. Constant drive to implement new and cutting edge technologies.

• Outstanding command of most of the following or equivalent web technologies: Angular.JS (Front-end), Java (back end), Dynamo or Postgre SQL (database), Backend as a Service models (BaaS), all based on strong version controls (JIRA)

• Experience in the development and delivery of products in a “SaaS” and agile model; Prior experience in Platform as a Service (, Mendix) would be a big plus

• Track record for managing a motivated, efficient off-shore and on-shore engineering teams and developing highly efficient product development processes

• Outstanding capabilities to interact with the customer and product management teams to deliver innovative “digital” solutions using modern and cost efficient technologies

• Attracted to a fast paced environment and take pride in meeting deadlines. Perform ongoing project management to meet the applicable deadlines; Prior start-up experience is a big plus.

If this reads like you and seems like a good fit, message Terry Bean with your resume and/or questions for consideration.

Oh yeah…

The Perks:

Join the start-up that’s having amazing success in under 18 months with strong traction in the energy, logistics and the public sector industries through a simple and bold value proposition.

Equity/Stock Options

Bonus eligible

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Salary target $130-160k


Our review of #Blab

Are birds that social?

The Blab Bird

My lovely co-host of Business Growth Time, Janet E. Johnson and I do a quick 10 minute review of Blab. We hopped on the platform early last week and had a blast. We talk about some of the features, fun and functionality.

All in all, it’s a very cool platform that when used properly can aid your business. Like all social tools, you can get sucked down a rabbit hole instantly. Be careful blabbing 😉

You can check our show on Business Growth Time our review of Blab. If you like it, be sure to check out our Business Growth Time Facebook Group and our Facebook Business Blabbers group.

Video review of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Got to drive the all new 2014 Jeep Cherokee today. It’s pretty sweet. This is a video I made detailing some features of the vehicle.

You can read the blog post I wrote about it in the post right before this one on this blog. Thanks!

When the work gets in the way of the other work…#DNY



It’s pretty impressive how much has happened in the past 6 weeks (almost the exact time since I’ve written the last update here). The last post I shared was a request to hire two people to join our start-up. Well we got them…and a bonus one. And then another one on top of that. Interestingly, the hiring the four people was one of the easier things we’ve accomplished.

But let me back up a little father.

My goal was (and still is) to write a series called “Digital New You” that discussed the transformation of a business person into that of a technology start-up founder. I kind of imagined it like Neil Patrick Harris doing his Doogie Howser thing. And while I think it began pretty well, I certainly fell off the wagon. To be honest, the work that needed to get done took precedence. 

When you’re running your thing, if you don’t do the work…it doesn’t get done. Ever!

And while this blog seems like a good idea, the other things that needed done:

  • Hiring the four people
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Writing scripts and creating story boards for marketing videos
  • Developing a PR and marketing strategy
  • Lots and lots of ideation
  • A whole heck of a lot more

Just seemed so much more important. In full disclosure, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix has some level of importance too because I’m about 1/2 way through season 4 and I haven’t been watching for a month yet.

My intent is to finish the original outline for the Digital New You series, write about each of the above operations and continue to push this forward. 

It looks like I’m taking the post about persistence in this very series to heart. Sometimes you fall off the horse. The key is to get right back on…even if that’s six weeks later. 

Digital New You- Tales and lessons of a tech start-up firm


That just seems like such good advice. The truth is, it’s ridiculously hard to keep calm while in a start-up. There are so many, soo sooo many things that will go differently than anticipated. That’s part of the majesty of the start-up. It’s also the reason that most fail. This blog series, #DNY for short, will look at many, many aspects of the start up.

Here’s the deal. I posted on Facebook on 8/5/13 that I wished to be held accountable to blogging daily. That’s important to me for a few reasons:

1. I have been saying I need to write more since 2008 (in my defense, I do write a LOT more than I did) and I really want to establish a routine.

2. I feel like I have some good wisdom to share with others (this would have been #1 but that seemed too douchey for me…claiming wisdom, not the helping LOL).

3. This will help find new prospects for my technology marketing business as I intend to actually grow an audience…finally. Amazing what I THINK consistency will bring. We shall see. I guess if there’s enough of #2, #3 may work out well.

4. As I will be telling stories about some clients, it will create back-links to Ray Laethem Motor Village, Facility Matrix Group, TV-Fitness and future clients and non-clients as well.  See how I did that? Like magic…SEO right before your very eyes.

So last night I put together a 45 topic outline just to get started. You can see most of them by clicking that link. I’m funny in how I do things. I wanted to make sure that you could see what you were in for, but I didn’t want to take the time to manually input each line item*. I guess that’s part of what you’re in for. One of the topics is “Is it better to be right or right NOW”? I think I know which way that piece will lean. 😉

I do intend to share what I’ve learned and things that will help any start up or people who are considering starting up a business here. I assume some of the readers will chime in and add their own experience.

I would love for this to be interactive and for you to share what challenges you have or what questions you have. I promise to be responsive and hope that we can engage in some meaningful discussions.

The big question will be what’s next? I guess I’ll let me fingers figure that out for me…unless you provide some direction. Or maybe I’ll just write about picking a name. That always seems like a good place for the skull f*cking (err I mean cognitive dissonance) to begin. LOL

* Rats, three paragraphs later I realized that I can’t create “links” to a photo. I guess there will be some manual input after all.

See you soon!

The Digital New You Outline

The Digital New You Outline

I decided to break this outline into 3 main headings and intend to blog about each of these topics over the coming days. This will be a fun experience that will shine the light on starting up a technology company.

Video of my TEDxDetroit talk- 6 degrees of connectedness

I’m pretty proud of this dissertation on the 6 degrees of connectedness. I spend almost 19 minutes explaining why 6 degrees of separation is backwards thinking, the importance of connectedness and then share the 6 things I find it imperative to connect to. Those six things are:

  • Self
  • Others
  • Technology
  • Planet
  • Universe
  • Bliss

If you ever wanted to know who I am and what I believe, be sure to check THIS out. Be sure to check back to see my progress on this as a forthcoming book.