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You can’t spell Networking without KNOWING

I am a huge fan of all the learning avid networkers are exposed to. As such, I chose to feature that element of networking for this month’s post in The National Networker. You can learn all about what you can learn from networking by clicking HERE. (sorry about that, but that’s how blogs roll some time).
Have a great day and Be Connected!

You’re already connected

Universal Guide to Networking with Terry Bean

Connecting people create opportunities.
Opportunities create people connecting.

The good news for you is that you are already connected. In being so, opportunities are already being created by you. Some of them will be for you. Others will be for those you know or are about to.

These connections are more than just the people in your network. They are parts of your universe. And if you want your Universe to be good to you, you have to be good to it.

Every moment we have the chance to do something great.
But that only happens when we are aware. Sense the moments that you live and you will instantly note how connected you really are.

The above was originally printed in The National Networker. Click HERE to read the rest!

A networker’s meditation on BEing

This post originally appeared in The National Networker on August 16, 2009 and is reprinted here with their permission.

Universal Guide to Networking with Terry Bean

As a networker, we have to BE a lot of things: professional, credible, responsible, accountable, aware and most importantly, givers. That’s a lot of roles to play considering most of us balance this with our day job.

How does one do all this and succeed in their business?

The answer is two-fold. First, the above list contains a lot of characteristics that successful business people possess. In fact, with the exception of “aware” and “givers”, that list is like a minimum to do business today. Do your skills match those listed? Do you see improvement areas for you or your colleagues? Life is about continuous improvement. It’s never too late to learn.

The second piece is a little deeper. Are you familiar with Landmark Forum? Graduates of their program put together the wonderful movie, “Pay It Forward” (if you haven’t seen it, please do. It may change how you network and how you live”. While I personally have not experienced the forum, I know a few folks who have. This is not a post about them, but about one of the ideas they share.

Most of us go through life with the belief that states “if I only could have this, I would be able to do X then I would be happy (or whatever we want to be)”. The forum suggests that this is backwards thinking. That we in fact need to focus on BEing whatever we are meant (or choose) to BE. And if we are BEing what we are supposed to BE we will do the things we need to do to BE as such. These actions will lead to having what we seek out of life.

Pretty interesting stuff, no? Please share your experience below.

In the meantime I encourage you to BE a better networker and the best business person you can BE.

If you don’t know what to ask for, don’t be surprised when you don’t get it.

If you have seen/read The Secret or have practiced using the law of attraction in any way, you know the first thing they have in common with networking: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Both networkers and the universe want to give to you. The better you are at asking for what you truly want, the more likely you are to receive it.

Do you know what you want? Is it more clients? Maybe you need more referral partners. Perhaps it’s a new staff member that can take your business to new levels. Whatever it on that list, get clear on it. Prioritize it. Understand who is likely to help you find what you seek. Most importantly, be comfortable asking.

If you are an active networker, you will be meeting lots of people. Some are folks you have known for a while. Others are brand new to you. Hopefully you are taking the time to ask them how you can help them (you are, right?). If you do the work of being interested prior to being interesting, most times they will ask you how they can help you too.

This is your chance to get what you seek. Two things happen when you make your specific asks known. First, as you tell an individual or a group of people what you want, you are actually giving to them. Yes, it’s true. Allowing others the opportunity to help us is an act of giving. Don’t agree? Check out my last piece ( Why Giver’s Gain?) on the concepts of the law of reciprocity and the law of generosity. Hopefully that clears it up.

The second thing that happens when you ask is that you affirm your order with the universe.

So here you are asking people for what you seek. If you know about your audience, you can tailor your ask. Increase the odds of having your ask come to fruition by making it relevant to the people who are there. If you don’t know your audience, (you can have an audience of one) ask for the number one thing on your list. You never know who others know until you ask them.

It’s amazing how powerful having a succinct, specific and relevant ask is when you use it. Try it. Try it often. Watch how people want to help when you let them.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

This article originally appeared in The National Network 4/19/09 edition and is reposted here with their consent.

Networking your way through the silly season- Top 10 List

I know it’s October and it seems way too early to be talking about holiday parties, but I suspect that within 2 days of reading this, you will see holiday decorations at your local stores. If retail can rush the Holiday season, then damn it, I can too!

To that end, I have come up with a quick list of thoughts pertaining to networking and partying during the holiday season. Consider this a “do or do not” kind of list. Just always remember, “There is no Try” (Adam bet me a dollar I couldn’t get the word Yoda into a post).

So here’s the list:

10. Host your own network gathering- Bring your network to your office, house or favorite joint and introduce them to one another. It’s a great way to help many at once.

9. Learn other culture’s holiday greetings- I speak to a lot of people who miss saying “Merry Christmas”. So say it, but also be able to wish others a festive holiday of their choosing too.

8. Setup weekly 4 tops for lunch between now and holidays- This is a great way to bring your network closer together. Look for the synergies and let them happen at the table in front of you.

7. Instead of sending clients cards and gifts, send them referrals- What can I add to this?

6. Get the attendee list in advance- You will be able to make the most of your networking time by having this information. Hopefully that adds to your cheer.

5. Use your holiday networking time to help get a jump start on your new year- Start filling up your January calendar with the folks you are meeting now.

4. Don’t be that GUY* at the party…you know the one who either is throwing their card in everyone’s face or falls down because they drank too much.

3. Know what your follow up plan looks like before needing it- If you know your target client and target business partners, you will know who the people you need to follow up with immediately.

2. Help others connect by introducing them to the people you know they need to meet. Ask questions. Listen. Understand how you can help and make the appropriate connections. Both parties will appreciate it.

1.5 Ask the host “who are the three people here that I must meet”?- They know everyone so they are in the right space to play matchmaker.

And the real # 1…Don’t Network in the Punchbowl!- It’s just bad form

*GUY is an acronym for Gender Undetermined Yet

This originally appeared in on Saturday, October 11 and is reprinted with their permission.