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Video of my TEDxDetroit talk- 6 degrees of connectedness

I’m pretty proud of this dissertation on the 6 degrees of connectedness. I spend almost 19 minutes explaining why 6 degrees of separation is backwards thinking, the importance of connectedness and then share the 6 things I find it imperative to connect to. Those six things are:

  • Self
  • Others
  • Technology
  • Planet
  • Universe
  • Bliss

If you ever wanted to know who I am and what I believe, be sure to check THIS out. Be sure to check back to see my progress on this as a forthcoming book.

You can’t spell Networking without KNOWING

I am a huge fan of all the learning avid networkers are exposed to. As such, I chose to feature that element of networking for this month’s post in The National Networker. You can learn all about what you can learn from networking by clicking HERE. (sorry about that, but that’s how blogs roll some time).
Have a great day and Be Connected!