In a world where all businesses is relationship business, it’s not “what you know”, “who you know” or even “who knows you”. Businesses rise and fall based on the quality of the relationships the nurture. What matters most is “how you are known”.

Networked Inc helps companies create, leverage and strengthen the relationships they need to succeed. Using a tried and true curriculum teaching the art and science of business networking, Networked Inc will transform your sales team. Classes include:

  • Basic Training. Perfect for getting your new recruits up to speed
  • Effective Networking Training. Energize your sale team and optimizing their efforts (while maximizing your returns)
  • One-on-One Coaching. A personalized approach using customized training designed to motivate your under-performers and stimulate your top dogs.

Each course is available as a two-hour training or a eight-week intensive study. There are even sessions designed with your support staff in mind, helping them look beyond just doing their job to evangelizing your brand — finding new streams of revenue for your company on their own time.

This isn’t the same old sales pep talk. Networked Inc training instills the mindset and motivation along with the tools and tactics. Each session is designed to produce immediate results and increased business opportunities.

Shorten your sales cycles, expand your sales force’s abilities and strengthen your bottom line all with business networking training from Networked Inc.

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