Networked Inc. helps your company connect with new opportunities.

Beyond the traditional business development process, we train your entire team to be ambassadors — forging new relationships with prospective and existing clients, referral partners and the community. Networked helps you dig your well deep and wide, providing your people with skills they need to generate more business.

Opportunities. Attracted. Created. Connected.

With training programs custom tailored to 500 person sales teams or one-on-one training for small businesses, Networked infuses your culture with the mindset to achieve in a world where all business is relationship business.

Our process is simple and effective.

  • Identify ideal clients and business partners
  • Map out a rock solid attraction strategy to find them
  • Uncover new venues and technologies to reach them
  • Create an engaging message that resonates with them
  • Develop the skills needed to interact with them
  • Nurture lasting, profitable relationships with them

Are you ready for your best quarter ever? Stop being a wall flower at networking events and missing the latest online opportunities. Call 248.224.1326 or send an email to Networked Inc.

Shorten your sales cycles, expand your sales force’s abilities and strengthen your bottom line all with business networking training from Networked Inc.